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Accessorising with Inateck

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Nowadays in tech there’s not a lot of brand loyalty. As consumers we tend to switch between brands to get the products we want - if the hot phone this year is from a different company to the manufacturer of the device we’re using today, then that’s fine. Strangely, for me personally this doesn’t seem to be quite so prevalent in accessories.

Regular readers will know that i’ve been a long time fan of the Anker line of products so when another company offered to let me try out their products, Inateck, I thought i’d give a number of them a go!


First up is the HB4005, a 3-Port USB 3.0 HUB with a built in Gigabit Ethernet Network Adapter. As a Macbook Pro Retina user, I have to make do without an Ethernet port built in, so when i’m at events it can be a bit of a pain. A USB hub is always in my kit for obvious reasons, so this gadget is perfect for me. It comes with both Windows and Mac drivers, something i’ve been caught out on in the past, and it works great. It’s not particularly a looker, but it’s not too big to go in the tangle of cables.


Next, the UC4002, a 4-Port 30W USB Desktop Charger. It offers 4 x 1.5A ports, so it isn’t the most powerful one out there, but it feels solidly made and charges reliably at a pretty good price. Unlike an Anker I had previously it doesn’t make strange buzzing noises, which is always good! An off switch is included on the device itself - unusual in this kind of product.


I seem to have some sort of problem where I keep buying the same accessory over and over again, i’m not sure why, maybe it’s because they’re cheap and I like seeing how these things progress! One example is battery banks, I have at least 3 Ankers, a Xiaomi and an unbranded one! Another is Bluetooth speakers. I own a really nice one, but also a couple of other random ones too! One of Inateck’s Bluetooth speakers is the BTSP-20, which is IPX5 water-resistant. It’s the only ‘outdoor’ speaker I have and the good thing about it is, you wouldn’t know from the sound quality that it’s ruggedised in any way. The inbuilt battery is good for about 5 hours of playback, audio can be streamed from either Bluetooth or a 3.5mm jack and it’s also a speakerphone! With the trend towards waterproof phones, it makes sense to have a waterproof speaker too. :-)


Finally, yet another category of product I can’t stop buying - cases, in this instance for the aforementioned Macbook Pro. The MP1300 is a felt sleeve for 11” or 13” Macbook Retina devices. It’s a really nice material, protective and soft but still nice and thin for putting in another bag or carrying into the office. An accessory pouch is also included. The main sleeve has a pocket in the front that is big enough for my tablet, so I can carry the two together no probelm - I like it.

I’m impressed with the quality and price of the Inateck products, so I will definitely keep an eye on them in the future and add them to my preferred brands. Look out Anker!

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