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battery problem...help me please :(

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i have a problem with my battery from 1 week.

you can see my screenshot to understand. if i use internet, if i call or use phone for more than 5/6 min the battery discharges. for example initially it is at 80%, i use phone for 10 min and then the battery is 5%. i reboot the phone and then the battery is 60%. i try to calibrate it, change rom but nothing.

sorry for my bad english. what can i do? i use slim rom v 13 ICS



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How old is the battery?

A few people have reported that at this stage they had to replace their batteries to get decent lifetime.

My experience is that the G300 battery discharged very quickly when 3G was enabled and used.

Also the battery capacity/charge reporting was always a bit hit and miss and could go up as well as down.

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