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USB charger that gives at least 4.2 A through single port?

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I spent about half an hour looking for a charger with 4 amp+ output on one port and came up empty.  As coolicool above points out, the maximum output on the high powered ones on Amazon etc is 2.4a per port.  I imagine anything larger could risk knackering the battery of a standard device and no usb gadget requires that much current to operate anyway.

Maybe a bench power supply like the fancy ones used to charge rc equipment could be modified to perform the task.

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Go to Amazon and try the Anker 40w five port charger for £19.99 that's kicking out more than what you are looking for it seems :-)

Unfortunately IE is not allowing me to paste the link in the reply here.

Reading a bit more it seems that each port is 2.4A but that seems to be the max standard.

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