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No support AT ALL for EE Kestrel (G535-L11) ?

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The G535-L11, known as EE Kestrel (in UK), very similar with Ascend G6 is a very cheap and performant phone, but yet no support for it. In my opinion, this phone is G300's successor. But no custom rom, talks about it.

Does anybody knows why this lack of interest for Kestrel?

Thank you.

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There does seem to be a lack of interest and development in the newer ascend\ascend y ranges.

I have the acsend y330, purchased in November, no development, no custom ROMs, not even custom recovery, I then find out that Huawei in their infinite wisdom placed meditek processors rather than qualcom inside these devises, mean hits!

Everyone knows you ain't going to get any development for the foreseeable future until Huawei releases the source code.

There's little chance of seeing any support for these devises until then.....

And I asked Huawei when I would see KitKat or lollipop update from Android 4.2.2 and they couldn't or wouldn't answer me.

Don't expect anything from Huawei my friend, I'm afraid you will hwy nothing.

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well, that is unfortunate... because if their policy is to constrain users, they will go down with clients. At least, I think this is the last Huawei phone that I'll use, if they won't provide a bit of freedom

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