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For all devs with zteskate device

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hello to all of u who have time to read this topic... ;)
First of all i want to thx to all greath roms u are make for this device and for helping me and helping others thro unlocking and all other problems what we have with your or someones roms and misstakes what we done...
i want to ask that is this the end of Zte-Skate era????
noone of u dont do anything new in long time....
i want to ask u that can u make ultimate Rom for this device???
i noticed copule misses for almost every rom i have on my device and i have a lot of roms.... :D
my idea is that someone of u make rom without misshabits like:

- Restartin by it self every time when u download something littler biger and when u dont turn of phone 3 or 4 days...
- Dont turning on "searching for gps" by sistem UI when u using rom copule of weaks....
- So slow that u cant do anything till u dont turn of device or wait that launcher (that they go with sistem) dont force close by it self or other apps (who coming with rom) dont force close...
- That when i install one more apk for chating exept hangouts i have laggy and force closing problem with all other apk who i use...

- Restartin by itself when someone call u...
- Sistem keyboard so laggy that u cant type mesage...


i noticed more problems but i cant remember them now....

i would like that someone of u do the Rom who is 4.2.2 (i think that is smothest and fastest and stablest rom for this device) not 2.3.5 or 2.3.7 (now they are too old like 1.5 or 1.6 that they dont have any more apk who working fully)
but if u can let them be 4.x.x and that if u can to make rom as smoth as posible and that they can work a copule of mounths without any problems and braking....

i hope that i dont ask much.... :blush:

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