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Safe way to do a factory reset on a custom ROM - Coolpad 7320?

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Hi everyone, I have Coolpad 7320 and I've installed a custom AOSP ROM to it using CWM recovery. Plus I've also applied a patch to this new custom ROM which allowed me to move apps to the SD card. I know for a fact (because I've done it before, :) ) that if I were to do a factory reset using the Android "Backup and recovery" option I will fry the ROM and I would need to install everything again from scratch, using SP Flash Tool. 


I've read that in order to safely do a factory reset on custom ROMs installed through CWM, it needs to be done through CWM (the Wipe data, factory reset and wipe Dalvik cache options, I think). I'm not sure if this is safe though, because of the SD card patch that I applied. 


Is there anyone here who has experiance with this type of thing that can give me some advice? I'm asking because I plan on selling the phone and I'd like to be able to safely wipe data without destroying the ROM, just return it to factory settings, and wipe my data of course.


I'm using this ROM:




And I've applied this SD card patch:




Would it be safe to use CWM recovery for doing factory reset, given everything I've installed?

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Hi Zoran, try the question at F1 topic - there are folks there that know the stuff :)

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