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I am desperately trying to root my Huawei y530 phone...my husband poured water on my laptop,iPad and this phone....my phone has survived barring some comprised display issues. A bag of rice really does work. Below is the 4-1-1 on my phone. I know how to press,press,press to unlock developper options.... i have a plethora of app, *.rar files, super user i believe is sucessfly somewhat working. But that CWM wants a recovery '???' which i would have to download manually (device not supported ) I digress...

what should stay on my phone?

what needs deleted / modified

Where do I find everything else?

I am convinced I own the most enigmatic, underdeveloped phone on any platform or market

Help :-* . please?

Android Device ID: 3B12226DD43F3E66

Google Service Framework (GSF): 3488F7683C8A8FAB

IMEI: 352421034237307

SIM Subscriber ID: 302610915173291

SIM Card Serial: 89302610202236124457

Local IP Address:


Wi-Fi MAC Address: 60:E7:01:CF:16:58

Bluetooth MAC Address: 60:E7:01:CE:FE:92

Hardware Serial: 60e701cefe92

Device Build Fingerprints: Huawei/Y530-U051/hwY530-U051:4.3/HuaweiY530-U051/C557B188:user/ota-rel-keys,release-keys

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