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Hello and old guy needs help :) ZTE

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Name is Adrian and I will be open and say I am no modder or software writer, not now anyway, the gear I used to play with was back in the days of the Z80 processor.


I purchased some months ago back around May/June a ZTE Open C smart phone with the Firefox OS on it, , around July I found this link


It seemed to offer a Later version of FFOS and also a Android version, install from Windows computer, installed latest FFOS all was OK, installed the Android operating system and it hung at the end around 98% if memory is correct, after some minutes of nothing I rebooted the phone and all seemed to boot up and strange enough I could get data as the Maps application worked.  However it took a day to realise I was missing calls and sms messages. It turned out the IMEI number and IMEI SV both went to 0 and 00 respectively.

I could not find a way to recover the numbers at the time, the IMEI number is printed in the back of the phone so I know what it should be, is there a way to 'repair' the phone or is it a bin job.

At the time of the problem I just went out and bought another phone, but would still like to get the unit sorted now if I could.  Can anyone help and direct me in simple terms if there is a solution?




Note I have tried all I can find on the forum and others, suspect the phone is beyond help, have bought another phone, so phone has been binned, if I could remove post I would as it is now not required.

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