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Facebook widget disappeared

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I have a Galaxy S6  ... FB does not come pre-loaded.

GT-I9505  running 5.0.1

For no apparent reason during the day (i.e not been a reboot)  my Facebook widget (4x3) disappeared.

Assume FB updated itself ... seems to do this more than any other app.

And no FB widgets show in widget list.

Checked that FB not installed on SD card.  

Removed FB, reboot, installed FB  ... no difference.

FB  - the app is working OK, just no widgets.


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Same happened for my Note 4 a few weeks ago. My paypal widget disappeared a couple weeks later. Neither is installed on my SD card.  I hope this is not the app world slowly making us all look like iphones with icon click throughs only.

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Found out this is a deliberate removal of the widget by Facebook as it bypassed advertisements .... they want you via Front door only.


Would seem ideal opportunity for someone to write a widget.

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