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Should the Stock Hudl Rom images on main page work with Rktool-linux tool?

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I have a Hudl which I've factory reset, and is now in a permanent loop waiting for Hudl updates from a non-existent server to download from.

On the main page on this forum, there are stock image files meant to be flashed with the windows 7 tools. I've tried using them with the Rktools-linux tools run on a 64-bit Ubuntu live CD to flash the Hudl, only to find that in both cases the screen has the "powered by Android" permanently displayed, rather than displaying the "Hudl" logo a few seconds after. Thankfully, I managed to flash it back to the Hudl update loop using the system.backup.img so it's clear there isn't anything wrong with the flashing procedure. Any ideas on why it's not working for me?

Thanks in advance,


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