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Updated GPU drivers.

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From June 2016, old yes but still newer than the ones in our phones!

Updates OpenGL ES from version 3.1 @140 to version 3.2 @145. 

Backup your system then flash with TWRP. 


Most of the time my phone is running experimental lineage13 but this works with stock as well. 


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11 hours ago, Odour Fone said:

Can this be used with 5.1 ROMs?

Is it included with the lineage 13 rom.?

Thanks for your work on this device and lineage 13.

I haven't tried it on a 5.1 ROM but I don't see why it wouldn't work. If it fails reflash the system partition from backup or ROM. 

I don't know if Nutsda has included this update or not. Easy enough to tell using Aida64, if it says opengl es version is 3.1 then no. 

I've been using it in my builds for a while without issues. 

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