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EVERYTHING i have for ZTE skate :)

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Hello to all of u who wana play with this phone in 2018....

I just passing buy to see what happened with legendary UNBRICKABLE phone in 2018 and i can see that this form is still active after 7 long years of existence
and i am so impressed with ppl who wana play this phone...
I was little bit disappointed when this phone got abandoned back in days when devs bought new phone and i  saw that we will lost every ROM for this little guy.
So i decided to collect what i can asap and put online somewhere when it will not disappear like never existed.... 
So here u go my last stand and my collection of roms and tweaks for this phone......

My collection of ZTE skate ROM-s


My collections of cwm-s


GPS patch

Only devs who make this ROM-s deserve thanks ..... 
I hope that i didnt piss of any mods and devs bcz i reposted roms for this device...
if u need any help with anything mail me on [email protected] if i can i will help.... :)
Sry for misspell.... see ya all and happy flashing.... :)

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