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More Power for Your Smartphone

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Hello Guys,
I have launched an app " Hibernate - The Real Battery Saver". 
Basically, it's a battery saving app with quite simple and effective settings. 
It hibernates or you can say disable the power draining apps and settings when the phone is in sleep mode, i.e. screen is off; to save more power, so that when you wake up your phone again to use, you will have more battery power to use and the apps and the settings which were disabled will be enabled automatically. You don't have to toggle on or off the settings again and again.
Hibernate app also can lock CPU to the lowest possible frequency ensuring huge battery saving and enhanced performance.
It's having "4.6" rating in the Google Play Store and constantly getting good reviews from the users.
If you have a minute, would you mind giving it a look. It's " Hibernate - The Real Battery Saver" by "Realistic" on Play Store

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