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The SPV has to be a leader, obviously! its the first of its kind.

however will it become a legend in the market of Smartphones. Will we see it on ebay in years to come a higher prices?

As i see it the future looks good the spvx due soon "getting a tester in days"hee hee, Plus Ericsson, Motorola and other brands all planning Smartphones.

I wonder will the SPV become past it to soon, will we all remain pleased we have spent the money to get this phone or will we regret it having seen the next generation of releases in months to come.

One thing i am certain, if 3G takes and the smrtphones planned for it come out. you can bet the development centred around this forum will go down in history as groundbreaking, in many sense likes games, apps and more.....

Im waiting the developer that makes the transition and develops a new operating base for the SPV which includes flash/java yet also updates the current operating system beyond what we have now, XP? LONGHORN?

Are we looking at the future in this forum? Microsoft pay some of the top developers to work on there systems yet here we see a few dozen people forming the market for smartphones in their parttime. Not to mention the GHOST surfers, these are the guys creating but they are silent they never comment they just read. Do we see a possible shift in power? is it possible that we here are the future we will make or break 3G or Smartphones? We made the SPV! if it wern't for people at this forum we'd have no apps, no games and no service that orange waited months to provide or they charged for in access.

The list of future apps like

picture phonebook





plus more is endless all of these wont come from orange or microsoft but from this forum?

i ask, who is the legend Modaco or the spv? and more importantly who is the future?

you decide!


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oops sorry getting carried away :oops:

nice post interesting thoughts.

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