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Feedback your MMS issues to the software supplier

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EZOS - the supplier of the less-than-friendly MMS interface on the SPV have responded to a post of mine on the microsoft.public.smartphone newsgroup. They are inviting emails about problems you have experienced with this interface, and are testing an Orange OTA update that is on it's way. This is their response to my original post, and here is my reply.

If you have something to add, the email address for Benoit (the contact at EZOS) is [email protected]


"EZOS" wrote in message

news:[email protected]

> Hello,


> Some people report slow send and receive, sometime freezing, devices hang

> using camera ...


> We are not able to reproduce on our devices even by making a device stress

> test suite.


> We have not the control of all services we are using on the device (GPRS,

> Camera,...), but we are trying to determine what's happening for some of

> yours.




> It will be very helpful for us if you can send us an e-mail to

> [email protected] when you get problem with MMS by giving us this

> information:


> -Free space on IPSM


> -Numbers of contact


> -Your place UK or other


> -Short problem description




> Some bugs are corrected as the stupid bug where you cannot send when

> characters in number.


> We read news group and take really care about your very interesting


> to improve the client and the UI and talking about with Orange, test of


> client OTA update are in the way and we hope you will be able to update


> version very soon.




> We're talking with Orange, HTC and Microsoft concerning your feedback,

> please accept apologize for this situation and keep us informed about your

> problems and wishes.


> Thanks,


> -Benoit

Hello Benoit,

I posted on the microsoft.public.smartphone newsgroup, and you kindly

replied to my post. I am replying to you via email as you suggested, and I

will also post to the newsgroup. I will tell you about my particular issue

trying to close a MMS, and then also about more general issues that concern

me about using the MMS software.


When you open a MMS, there is no 'cancel' or 'close' option. There is only

options to reply, forward or delete. If I just want to keep it on my phone,

I have to pretend to forward the MMS, and then cancel at this stage.

I have about 200 contacts in my phone. There is 4.01MB available storage on

my phone, (and plenty more than that on my MMC card - in case you need to

know this). I am located in London, UK.


* There is no option to just take a photo with the camera. This means that

the whole software is very slow, almost useless. You have to compose a MMS

message, then take the photo, then save, and then cancel the MMS message.

This is a very unsatisfactory user interface. So unsatisfactory that I have

not taken a single photo with this camera, other than for experimenting with

the software.

* I really need to option to be able to attach a photo to normal internet

Email as well as MMS. When I send pictures by MMS over email, the picture

becomes corrupted.

* When I send a MMS, the inbox system constantly shows the 'waiting' icon

(the colourful circle) for a long time. Then it disappears. However, if I

try to do anything in the Inbox, the symbol appears again. This continues

(for hours) until I reboot the phone.

* I frequently get system hang-ups when trying to send MMS, which means that

I have to re-set my phone, and i lose the message I have just spent 15

minutes creating.

If these problems were addressed, i would use the photo messaging. As the

software stands at the moment, it is pretty unusable, and not a pleasing

experience at all.

Thank you for responding to my post - I appreciate this, and i think it

should serve as a model as to ow providers listen to their consumers. I only

hope that you can listen to these points, and develop your software update

to meet this need. Do you know when your software update may be released.

And will this be free?

Best Regards,


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I understand the person that replied is ONLY responsible for the MMS interface. Hence E-Mail, some photo-app suggestion etc. are really none of his concern.

Quitting MMS ... if I go into the MMS App the normal Back Button of the phone will cancel/close the App.

Being a developer myself I would tend to ignore your whole e-mail if it sounds like you are just complaining about the phone in general. Those 5% that are really important will then get missed.

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When I first open a MMS, I cannot get the back key to get out of it for love nor money. However, when i do get out of it via the method described, the back key does work.

I don't think it was a moaning email. I appreciate the fact that he has come online and solicited feedback. this is what I wasa providing i thought. Granted, some of the email stuff may be a little off-topic. But, if they are feeding back to Orange, where's the harm in mentioning it. I wasn't exactly flooding the guys.

Anyway, I hope it flags up some of the issues.

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