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new ROM installs Action Lock on your phone! (stealthy!)

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Do you know that together with Action Update and Action Backup, the new ROM also installs a program called "Action Lock"?

But to use Action Lock (i.e. if you lose your phone), you need to have run Action Backup at least once...

Here's what the vendor's website (Action Engine) says about it:

Action Lock is a security utility that is used to quickly backup data and disable a lost or stolen smart device, upon direction by the owner, using a wireless connection. A remote administrator can send a wireless "lock" command to the smart device, rendering the device useless. Action Lock enables a remote administrator to perform specific tasks:

- Erase files and data stored in RAM

- Disable the user interface and perform a data backup(using Action Backup).

- Wirelessly provision new software (using Action Update).

- Perform a combination of the above tasks.

Action Lock enables a remote administrator to erase the user's data from the device with the option of first performing a backup. While these actions are taking place on the device, the device's user interface is disabled and no visible notifications are used indicate that these actions are occurring. For the backup option to work, the user must already have a valid backup account (see Action Backup for more details) and have at least backed up once before.


Action Lock 8) website

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Hi mapaman,

In case of theft of your SAP, is it as simple as requesting Smart to activate this feature? Can it be undone? I wonder... 8)


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I ran ActionBackup after I upgraded my ROM but I still don't have the ActionLock app. How do I get it?

you won't see it in "Programs". that's why it's called a STEALTH application. you need something like Smart Explorer or Task Manager to see it; shows up as "AELock" on the process listing.

i hope someone from SMART is monitoring this. i'd really like to know if we can activate this. that way, i can put a sticker on my phone that says...

"This phone will self-destruct if not returned in 24 hours!"


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