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T-Max: New from AIM Productions

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TMax (a mythological mind bender !)

Do you really think you've got what it takes to outsmart the evil Minotaur in TMax ? If so, prepare yourself 4 some mind-twisting action, thru not less than 42 levels of pure maze-ecstasy !

In Tmax you take control over the heroes Theseus and Ariadne who need to find their way back home thru a "MAZE" of mazes, before the evil Minotaur can get to them. The Minotaur is fast but he also has a significant design flaw ! For every move your hero takes, the Minotaur takes two. So the only way to outrun "THE BEAST" is to outsmart him ! Remember luck is not an option, you really need to think this one out.

Think differently and you'll beat the system.


* Exciting and addictive gameplay

* Ultra-detailed 3D graphics & animations

* 42 mind-bending levels

* (For the Einsteins among you who can complete these levels, an advanced maze pack will be available soon!)

* Ingame tutorial

* Quick save and load option

* Options screen for sound and graphics preferences

* Installation to external memory cards possible

* Also available for Pocket PC (ARM-X-scale or MIPS)


For more information and a purchase link, see the Modaco catalogue

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