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PPCW.net announces Tanager resell agreement

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PPCW.net have today announced that they are to start selling the 'HTC Tanager' SmartPhone from their site.

The PPCW.Net i-Mate Smartphone is above all a great mobile phone based on Microsoft's Windows Powered Smartphone operating system and HTC's Tanager hardware design. You can expect to find all the basic and advanced phone functions on this Smartphone, but what makes it the smartest phone available on the market today is the Windows Powered software that lets you E-Mail, Instant Message, surf the Web, listen to music, play games, and much, much more.
PPCW.net clarify their reasons for the move in a statement on the site:

Our primary intention isn't to become an online-shop but we believe in the Microsoft Windows Powered Smartphone platform! Since the availability of Smartphones is still limited, we want to give you what you are looking for! In the past we got tons of E-Mails with questions about where to get a Smartphone from, specially the HTC Tanager and therefore we decided to use our contacts to make the "impossible" possible - delivering the Smartphone to the community and to the community only!

Due to a cooperation, we are now able to sell the PPCW.Net i-Mate Smartphone official. So it's not a re-import from anywhere in the world but original from PPCW.Net with full warranty and support!

This seems like a good idea!

If you are interested, it is worth noting that the camera and docking station are not included (although a sync cable is):

Box contents:

- PPCW.Net i-Mate Smartphone

- USB Sync Cable

- Power Cable

- User Manual

- Software

The clip-on camera isn't included but can be ordered separately.

The cost is shown as being US$549, which seems par for the course.

By comparison, the Tanager is $650 from Alien Wireless, but includes a camera.

MoDaCo Plus members also benefit from a 10% discount at Alien Wireless, reducing the cost to US$585.


Why is PPCW.Net starting to sell Hardware?

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Interesting, so interesting in fact that i think i'll repost it!! :roll:


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Yeh i was reading your post Brody thinking "Im sure i have read this before?" :lol: :D

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