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Users slam smartphone customer support

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Growing demand let down by 'awful' customer service...

UK consumers are increasingly interested in using the sophisticated services offered by next-generation smartphones, according to a survey by mobile data provider Intuwave.

But the survey of 501 mobile users also found that the mobile phone industry is not taking advantage of this, and is failing users because of poor customer service.

The survey, which focused on the potential of smartphones, revealed that 31 per cent of those surveyed are interested in receiving email via their handsets as opposed to 30 per cent via a laptop computer.

This is seen as significant considering the poor interest in similar services offered by early Wap phones.

Demand is also growing for a variety of mobile data services such as finding a local taxi firm. Photo messaging is also increasingly popular, with 44 per cent wanting to make more use of this service.

But what is less positive is the quality of customer support provided to mobile users today. Two-thirds of people wanting help with the increasingly sophisticated offerings consider their operator's service to be 'awful'.

Andrew Wyatt, vice president of strategic marketing at Intuwave, said in a statement: "Improving the quality of customer support while minimising costs is the biggest single challenge facing network operators."

Source: VNUnet.com

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