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When do problems become faults?

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Cross-posting this from microsoft.public.smartphone "Enough is enough" thread:::

"It seems we are all experienceing problems, but IMHO many people fail to realise that what they have is not a mobile phone (which I suppose you could blame Orange for partly, they make it sound as though its a very clever phone rather than a new type of hybrid device) - anyway my point is this:

the whining of the impatient/over-expectant few has clouded an important issue: how *much* crashing/locking/slow response is 'acceptable' pending an OS update, and how much indicates a faulty handset?

My phone freezes a few times a day. If I leave it long enough it sorts itself out - on many occasions hitting the power button to bring up the shut down menu then hitting 'Home' frees things up (but even then sometimes the original app refuses to run until the SPV has been rebooted)

Could people post their examples of replacement handsets being better than the original?

I don't want to start a stampede on people returning handsets on the off-chance, but it may help any pattern emerge . . .

Anyway, for my part I'm very happy - particularly as I have now got the Internet connection to automatically switch between GPRS and pass-through thus making backup speedy - and can manage until the updates start to filter through, I only hope they address someof the robustness issues as well as the additional features we all want."


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I notice the number of people complaining has died down now, wonder why this is?


I guess they learn't how to read the f*****g manual !!

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