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ICON list for group "ieo"

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ICON list for : name="Links" height="40" group="ieo"

13: LARGE - calendar with the number 21 on it!

32: LARGE - arrow top to bottom over an inbox

33: LARGE - rear envelope topright down arrow

42: LARGE - notebook (spiral bound lhs)

43: LARGE - notebook (spiral bound lhs) text AoverZ

52: LARGE - calculator in front of lined paper

61: open book

62: football

63: 2 masks

64: ball with arrow topright to bottom left

65: open book with smiley bubble

66: square? with note symbol in front

71: open book

72: football

73: Cloud with sun behind

74: Car

75: map (3 pages z folded)

81: lARGE - Home? (dog kennel)

82: Home with ball behind (internet explorer home)

92: Spanner

101: Brown MSN (2 buddies)

102: 2 curved arrows (hotsync)

Any unlisted numbers 0-139 appear to be question marks. If you find new listings, or changes, append the list.

Hope this helps!


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