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Advice on Kingmax SD card/PQI reader combination

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I've bought the Kingmax 256MB SD card and the PQI TravelFlash reader from eBuyer.co.uk but it seems they are incompatible. I have read the reviews of the Kingmax card and one guy says he couldn't get them to work together, another says he could (but mentions he's using the USB2 TravelFlash; I believe I have the USB 1.1).

The PQI reads my 8MB Orange card just fine.

So my question is, should I return the PQI reader or the Kingmax card?

The card seems to work fine with my SPV but it does look extremely cheap and I strongly suspect it's the cause of the problem.

On the other hand, it doesn't cost very much, and by the time I need another SD card (in about a year's time I'd say) 512MB will be £50 and I won't care.

Would be grateful of any advice on this!


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I presume you have the 6in1 reader? I've never had any problems with it but I have also never used

a Kingmax card.

If it is the 6in1 you have then for the sake of a tenner it's not really worth the hassle, also the fact that there is not a problem with either item (as such) may also be a stumbling block for as anything returned may be charged a restocking fee.

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if you read the reader reviews on ebuyer, theres a few people who've had problems with the kingmax cards


personally, i own a USB 2.0 and a USB 1.1 PQI flash reader (the USB 1.1 version was too slow! hehe) and i've never had any problems with either of them reading anything! so it's probably the SD card at fault...

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Point taken about there not really being a fault with either item, but I am certainly not prepared to pay any restocking fee. It's not like I'm dicking ebuyer around, I bought the two products to work together, if they don't work together, then they are not fit for purpose.


I agree it's probably the (dirt-cheap looking) card that's at fault rather than the reader.

I'm just wondering whether I should keep the card (cheapest I've found yet) and find another reader. I'm starting to lean towards that option now, nowhere seems to have any reasonably-priced cards in stock.

Can anyone here vouch for a Kingmax SD card/reader combination that works..?

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