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hardware unlocking, Smartphone vs others...

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i dont understand how people can charge for phone unlockiong.... is it that big of a deal? I mean, the spv has a very simple unlocking mechanism that is freely available, but apparently it isnt as easy for the nokia / kyocera / etc phones... what is the deal with this? I mean, my dad wants to unlock a Sprint Kyocera 6035 he bought on Ebay to use on verizon, but, people are selling that information on EBAY. I must be missing something here...?

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People are trying to make money out of everything! ... But I'm sure that he can find a website that does i for free somewhere ... This is after all The Net! :wink:

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Supply and demand simple as that.

Don't forget most phones require a data cable and they so not always come with the phone.

I used to do my own nokias but that was just because I found out how to via internet searching, I still used

Orange I only did it because I like to play :)

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I did a quick google search, and turned up the following in some discussion board:

If it is a tri-mode phone, and you can trick them into giving you the MSL for the phone, then it can be used on Verizon, I am personally using a Kyocera 6035 smarphone that was purchased from Sprint and I am now using it on Verizon free-up. Once you get the MSL, there should be a setting to change it, you have to make it all zeros, so that the Verizon system will update the prl. After they put the ESN in the system, you have to dial *228XX, XX being different depending on what band Verizon is on in your area, 00 for A side, 01 for B side or 02-07 for PCS. After you do that it will update the prl and will work fine on Verizon, except that it will still say Sprint on the banner ( depending on what kind of phone it is ).  

P.S, the way to trick them into giving you the MSL, call them from your home phone and say you want to change your number, they will walk you through the programming of the new number, just remember the 6 digit number they tell you to enter.  

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 Wednesday October 02, 2002 11:47 AM  



When you say "...call them and tell them you want to change your number" by "them" do you mean Sprint? Does this mean you have to get an account with Sprint (at least temporarily)?  



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 Wednesday October 02, 2002 12:04 PM  



Yes, you do have to activate it to get the code, is this a phone that has never been activated or a used phone?

If it is a new phone, when you call them, they will give you a 6 digit number as they are walking you through the programming,that is the one time only code, tell them it didnt work, they will give you a second code, that is the MSL. Tell them you want to sign up without a contract, they will say that it will cost and extra $10 a month, but then call back in a week and cancel, just dont use the phone for more than 30 minutes, that is where they got me. They will charge you for the airtime but will not be that much.

Also, what kind of phone do you have?

For the Timeport phone, here is some instructions for programming, if you get the MSL, here is what you can do with it,

http://www.bridog.net/cellular/7868.txt if you go into the long programming menu, you can change the MSL to all zeros which will allow Verizons over the air programming to reprogram the PRL. All of the Kyocera phones have the ability to change the MSL once you get it, as do all of the Nokias.  


This is from here - (Read the reply from some Sprint Lackey - it made me laugh :) )

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