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File Name :: Panels

Author :: drblow

Category :: Other

Description ::


Shortcut to callface at the top of the homescreen with a skinned background, for quick easy dialling!

Also a 'hidden' links page at the bottom, with links to your favourite web pages!

Installation instructions:

As I am a muppet :) , I can't do cab files, so - unzip homescreen folder & copy all files via activesync to IPSMApplication DataHome. With callface installed, unzip all files from callface folder & copy all files via activesync to the callface folder - you can then edit the callface htm files as you like! :wink: [for any more info on the most excellent callface go here ]http://smartphone.modaco.com/viewtopic.php...light=callface]

* (The path to callface is set to IPSMStart MenuAccessories - coz that's where mine is!! It can easily be changed in the xml to whatever/wherever callface is on your own phone, or if anybody wants I will edit the xml & repost it! :wink: )

Just a wee skin I made for myself - inspired by a bunch of ideas I nicked from XP desktop themes, & stuff!! :wink:

Er, that's about it I think!! I'm working on extra skins ATM (program menu, startup etc) - so if anybody's interested, let me know & I'll post 'em! :wink:

Updated Thu, Jan 27 2005 1:47 pm

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Actually, none of that shortcut plugin was supposed to be in this homescreen!! :oops:

Just goes to show what a complete amateur I am - I even forgot to remove the traces of where I nicked the original xml from!! :oops: (em ... thanks Midnight! :wink: )

:oops: :oops:

Oh, & cheers for that first rating, whoever it was!! :)

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Thats how we all learn :( And no probs on the rating :) You can view who rated what by clicking "View Detailed Info" on the left of the rating panel btw.

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