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File Name :: Graff Steez

Author :: ele-mental

Category :: Other

Description ::


Homescreen Only; Alarm Plugin; Clean Code


My first homescreen!

I've "borrowed" a few elements from other homescreens I've seen, mainly the message icons from encece's neostream minimal skin.

I have a Samsung i600, which is somewhat feature limited when it comes to customization. Only the homescreen and the color scheme have been modified using the standard and alarm plugins.

I made the extra effort to really clean up my code, as a majority of available homescreens have tons of unnecessary/redundant code. I don't know, I feel like clean code is better code (obsessive compulsive like whoa!!).

One quirk -- I am unable to change the selected text of the alarm plugin. All the other plugins are white when selected, the alarm plugin is black. Anyone have a fix for this?


Unzip files and copy to "IPSM/Application Data/Home".

At the "Home" setting, set Homescreen to "Graff Steez" and Background and Scheme to "Default".

Download and install the alarm plugin if you haven't already.

Updated Thu, Jan 20 2005 4:16 pm

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