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Changes to Program Menu??

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this might have been covered somewhere already but i can't see it for the life of me, i want to try and change the order of the items in my programs listing (from the home screen pressing programs)

i wondered if there was anyway of moving the items in the list around? i know there is a folder with all the .lnk files from the programs list in it in "IPSMWindowsStart Menu" but i can't work out which file i need to edit to change their possition on the list?

This would have been a useful feature for MS to have included a customisable program menu - save me having to trawl through so many menus to get to WMP or Messenger!!

any help would be great




has anyone else noticed that there is a random pocket excel file in the "Windows" directory of their smartphone? i've got some vehicle mileage log sheet that looks like one i remember seeing on Pocket PC 2000 PDA somewhere - does this mean the SPV might be getting Word and Excel ported onto it sometime?

I might be able to sell my laptop yet!! :D

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ipsmwindowsstart menu

you can re-order/move to folders etc

(list displayed alphabetically, so you could use 1_myfave etc...

note sure, i did mine by trial and error..

(always wise to copy the folder to your pc before changing it.. (incase you REALLY messup)


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Apart from the few first entries (contacts, inbox) it is Alphabetical. I moved Inbox, Contacs, Tasks into a subfolder (have them on my home anyway), so now my first entry is AllExplorer.

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thats not a bad way of doing it madukrainian, i might give that a try for now

i just wonder if there is some xml document on the phone that controls the layout of the program menu - i guessing that at the moment it reads the contents of the folder and displays links to all the files in there

if so then maybe it can be hacked to have direct links on it in the order i write the code for it? i guess the only problem with that would be having to change the xml evrytime you installed a new app??

unless you could use the existing display folder contents code for that after creating the explicit links in a subfolder?

hmmmm one for me to ponder on i think!! i'll let you know what i come up with

anyone else got any ideas?

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