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  1. Yesterday
  2. Payment sent, thanks
  3. Yes, just awaiting payment now
  4. Sold? Will take if not.
  5. guitarfreak

    Apple AirPods £120

    Hi All I am selling my Apple Airpods that was purchased on 29/6/18 The watch comes with the original box and case etc Payment via BT will send next day RMSD Thanks
  6. Hi All I am selling my Apple Watch Series 3 Celluar. This is the Nike edition in white 42mm and was purchased on 29/6/18 The watch comes with the original box and charger etc Payment via BT will send next day RMSD Watch is OS5 Beta but has given me no issues Thanks £375
  7. great, i'll pm you with my details
  8. someone just offered me the same and like him i'm offering it you for £410 to cover postage cost. I'll sell to whoever takes it first cheers
  9. hi if you would accept £400 I will take this please, I take it there is a receipt just in case, thanks
  10. gmail102

    Our favourite apps for saving money and getting free stuff

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  11. PIXEL 2 XL - BLACK - 64GB - MINT - BOXED - £390 Unlocked and fully boxed except headphone adapter. Postage via RMSD Payment via BACS Thanks Mike
  12. Last week
  13. drypuri

    Mi Mix 2s 128 gb Global version

  14. rockbmi

    Please delete

    Bump price drop
  15. Black screen and reboot of the device: 1. to install a new apk 2 upload pictures from social networking 3 the internet to pc via anchorage area sharing time Any solution?
  16. drypuri

    Mi Mix 2s 128 gb Global version

    hi, yes ITS A GLOBAL EDITION and NOT the chinese one, this one comes with the LOCKED bootloader and all banking apps and Google pay work fine!!
  17. Mr_Mixalot

    Mi Mix 2s 128 gb Global version

    Morning, can you confirm if banking apps work on this phone due to the unlocked bootloader Thanks again
  18. rockbmi

    Please delete

  19. So, to bring back some life to this device, decided to build Resurrection Remix (nougat) (available here). I just built using the exact same device tree, vendor blobs and kernel source from KonstaT's github without touching it. Replaced the telephony-common used in LinOS 14, copied libboringssl-compat.so (to make the camera work). Applied the hack mentioned here and made a u23 patch by just replacing the boot.img from the last patch for LinOS 14 (using the defconfig for u23). I didn't make any change regarding to SELinux. The roms seems similar to LinOS 14 regarding stability I recently saw this post: In the Resurrection Remix build, it's set as Enforcing. So the last thing I'm missing is to set it to Permissive to be as stable as LinOS 14? Probably I won't make many builds because my computer dies building android nougat, so I want to upload a stable build so I can delete the source code.
  20. Hey all really need some help as im hella confused i got smart ultra 6 on 6.0.1 uk how the hell do i downgrade to 5.1.1 to be able to root nothing is clear
  21. Hello. Using KonstaT's work, I decided to build Resurrection Remix 5.8.5 for Huawei Y5 (Y560-L01/L02/L03/U23). It's an unofficial and unsupported by the Resurrection Remix team. If you feel grateful, donate to KonstaT. Also I'm not responsible for any harm that you may cause to your device by flashing this ROM. Downloads Rootless Build: https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=5862345805528046872 md5: 3c1e7374bc3fea1f024151e88a9c3999 Magisk build: https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=5862345805528046885 md5: cf7940710e45bffd89e89566d6b798d8 Y560-U23 patch: https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=5862345805528046968 md5: e45310484438501a2c395532646c698b If you are using the Magisk build for the U23, you will have to flash the Magisk zip (download from here) AFTER flashing the U23 patch. Google apps: The Open Gapps Project Sources (from KonstaT's work): Device Kernel Proprietaries Thanks: Resurrection Remix Team and everyone who worked on this project KonstaT who worked so hard for this device (donate to him). You can check his LineageOS 14.1 Extra notes for building the rom: Copy libboringssl-compat.so inside the lib folder from KonstaT's build to fix the camera Replace telephony-common.jar inside the framework folder from KonstaT's build to fix mobile network Delete some lines around here to remove pop-up after unlocking sim (look around the else statement) More extra notes While flashing the ROM, it may show some errors. Just ignore them.
  22. Top spec Surface Book 2 i7 / GTX 1050 / 16GB RAM / 512GB SSD, mint, boxed with stylus and in warranty. £1750 inc. Awesome machine, selling to fund different gadgets as I have a new work laptop!
  23. Thetechfan

    New BlackBerry Key2 Silver £420

    Yeah just sold. Cheers
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