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  2. Thanks for sharing. I used similar games before my friend showed me the best us online casino. It turns out that it is fully accessible for use through a smartphone. Slots are the same toys only brighter and have bonuses. I do not even use cash for this, only a bonus deposit and ethereum. Games like this help me kill time while I get to work.
  3. Most often I use an electronic wallet and the application of my bank.
  4. I'm new here and just glad to see everyone!
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  7. I prefer default weather apps, they're the best
  8. Xiaomi develop the best china's smartphones
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  10. Lockdown Your Devices in Kiosk Mode with Scalefusion Kiosk Software

    Deploy, monitor, secure & manage Android, iOS and Windows 10 devices with an industry-ready kiosk software to derive improved efficiency & heightened employee productivity.

    iOS Kiosk Browser for iPad & iPhone

    ProSurf Kiosk Browser is a secure browser for iOS that locks down your iPad & iPhone into an interactive kiosk by allowing access to only specific websites. You can run ProSurf Kiosk Browser in Kiosk Mode and turn your iPads into a public kiosk.

    Scalefusion Windows 10 Kiosk Mode can be easily configured on Windows 10 desktops, laptops and POS systems, to seamlessly limit user experience and activities to a single app

    Scalefusion offers the flexibility to manage, administer, monitor and audit the company-owned Windows 10 devices. Windows 10 MDM features and capabilities help you secure company data, ensuring business productivity, faster outcomes, and employee efficiency.

  11. I think the default one in android is the best
  12. Android Mobile Device Management

    Scalefusion for Android MDM helps you to manage, control, and secure company-owned and BYOD devices. It allows you to distribute apps and contents across a wide range of mobile devices from the cloud.

  13. VPN can still leak your IP as well as other issues with malware with some are incredibly hard to detect. There are plenty of good VPN providers and depending on location ones with better user reviews than the advert you listed, I would suggest shopping around and researching before deciding.
  14. Yes but if use a VPN my whole Data will be encrypted as said by this https://www.purevpn.com/blog/mobile-vpn/. Then how google can track my activity?
  15. Basically you can't unless you stop using the internet. You can opt out of things and check your privacy settings but overall it's impossible to stop all tracking especially Facebook unless you stop using it and delete your account etc.
  16. Google and facebook tracks everything. They track every users minor and major activity and target ads etc. So I want to know that how can i get rid of them?
  17. thanks for sharing i am using Mobdro on roku device
  18. Yes all dual sim phones have support.
  19. Reset your phone It is common in android
  20. I have been to Turkey and I think it is the best one the country is beautiful and a must visit place.
  21. It might be a problem of hosting provider.
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