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  2. Id really like android working so I can give it back to my dad. Can't even boot a windows 8 image though now which is strange. Windows or Linux on the other would be great as I could probably use it as a sole display for a laser engraver
  3. is it New era of 8K 360 degrees VR camera? Source: Android Central
  4. I don't see any difference between them, but if you want a ROM on your tablet, you can try it if you want to ... Should I try to do something about it, or are you not interested in Windows on that tablet?
  5. I tried windows 10. Windows 8 should work?
  6. It is a pity that it does not want a boot, I do not understand what is there for other problems, but the BIOS is ready for Windows 8, I will not give up, I found HDMI switching, so I solder the cables to SPI and try to flash if I can HDMI as default. Otherwise, with the BIOS flash update, I didn't find anything about x86 / x64.
  7. Well, I put the 32bit 'BIOSUPDATE.fv' efi file extracted from the hudl2_ota_rel.android-build.20150529.110309_to_rel.android-build.20150803.092218.zip file into the EFI folder on the emmc and now it won't even boot at all from any source so it's clear to me that's not going to work. Will have to reflash the uefi again.
  8. Sorry, no go. Still getting ACPI BIOS ERROR bluescreen
  9. Super! I can't wait for the result
  10. I'll try that. Got nothing to loose at the minute! Seeing as your looking into bios's, I've extracted the below from what I believe to be an android 32bit efi. IT's a bios update but in a .fv format, not a .bin so I can't flash it! Can you see if you can convert it to a .bin? Thanks BIOSUPDATE.zip
  11. Can you please try this BIOS to boot Windows? Because I made a pretty important adjustment and it could work. Much please TAB Tesco Hudl 2 - Win.zip
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  15. That would explain why the image I got from the known working Hudl had only got 32 bit efi file, no 64. To which I then flashed a 64bit UEFI which is searching for 64 bit efi and OS. Me being an idiot didn't backup the original 32bit UEFI flash and then flashed with 64. Probably would have gotten away with it if I had kept a backup. Silly really as I've backed up everything so far, just thought they were the same. EDIT: Yep, checked build.prop on newer Hudl, was running 4.4.2. Damn, need a UEFI bin from a 4.4.2 Hudl.
  16. With the new version of Android on Hudl 2 was BIOS update - I found BIN for update. Therefore, it is possible that with 4.4.2 it had a 32-bit BIOS and with Android 5.1 it has 64-bit BIOS. The BIN update is named: Vlv_X64_RELEASE, so it may have been distinguished as X64. Just my theory. I'm working on UEFI Setup permission, or to change the Variable Android to Windows, I found a part where this change is possible, but I don't know much about it, it's my first. There is no Windows for it, but Linux is, it is similar to Android. It's a shame, I would want Windows there. And I also found the primary display item, but I don't know how to change it.
  17. Last week
  18. Does your bios mod affect the way it boots? I'm thinking flashing it back to original bios would restore it's functionality as it doesn't seem to want to boot from a 32bit efi.
  19. Yeah, I've now got 3 dead Hudls, the original, the dead replacement and the known working one. Figured I'd bios mod the known working, live boot ubuntu and grab an image of the good emmc drive to restore to the dead replacement. I've got an image and an image of the partitions but now the known working replacement won't boot. Which is annoying as it was a replacement for my father original broken one who's going to be really disappointed :(
  20. Only opened to test they charge and connect then out back in box so brand new. It's the latest pair the new white 2019 ones Looking for 100.00 and can post straight away next day.
  21. I can confirm, wifi/bt working in ubuntu. Just wish I could get touchscreen working. It would seem that the Goodix GT8110 drivers are a real pain to find or install.
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