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  1. Have you seen the font size option hidden away in the settings menu? P
  2. I have just switched from a T68i to the SPV, and although it is early days, I have found the reception exceptionally good, definitely better than my old T68i. P
  3. Aside from letting other people who have SPVs know, it's tricky. Definitely worthwhile tho, because with enough users, you can make people sit up and take note. Any ideas welcomed! Paul
  4. I think you can buy the phone for 700 euros unlocked in Denmark, but in the UK it is only available locked to Orange. I have heard rumours that a mastercode generator for the SPV exists and will be available soon, but currently this IS just rumour. P
  5. Ditto! Incidentally, when pop up menus appear, you can press, say '4' to select the 4th option on the list - cool! P
  6. Quite useful to know: The O2 XDA car charger, available from O2 retail stores, works a treat with the SPV. This is probably due to the fact both units are manufactured by HTC of Taiwan. P
  7. Registry editor for SmartPhone: http://www.phm.lu/Products/Smartphone/RegEdit/ NOTE: This will not install on a standard Orange SPV due to the certificate lockdown. Watch this space... P
  8. Strange but true, the SPV seems to speed up considerably if you disable key tones. You can do this by going to PROGRAMS->SETTINGS->SOUNDS and changing the 'KEYPAD CONTROL' setting to 'NONE'. I assume this is to do with the processor overhead for playing the key sound (windows has always been bad for that in general!). P
  9. I could do it on my Pocket PC 2002 device, but it doesn't work on the SPV! If you try to set up an e-mail account on your device, but you are also syncing mail via Activesync, you are stopped from having both active. I want to be able to do both! :twisted: P
  10. Here's how to do it! (Of course, it clears everything on your phone!) :shock: - Remove the battery and wait 5 seconds. Replace the battery - Press and Hold voice recorder button (below the power button on the left-hand side) - Power-on the device - The device will enter a special power-up mode - "Card found" will be displayed on the screen - Shortly after you will receive two options: "Press any key to enter boot loader" and "Press action button to enter diag mod" - Press and hold the Action button - After a few seconds a menu will be displayed - Select "Erase IPSM" and wait for the screen to display "PASSED" - Then move to the left with the navigation button and select "END" - A screen with three colours will be displayed You may now remove and replace the battery and perform a normal power up Note: This may take several minutes P
  11. Ask and ye shall receive... It is done! Now to get as many SPV users as possible using this board... P
  12. Just to confirm, just tried to install regedit from www.phm.lu, but could not as I had insufficient permissions :cry: P
  13. Not yet. Assuming that the Orange Certificate issue can be circumvented, then i'm sure one will become available in time! P
  14. Any POP3 / IMAP account works fine. P
  15. I upgraded for £69.99 £99.99 RRP - £10.00 for pre-ordering - £20.00 for trading in a nk702 Pretty good I reckon! P
  16. Just picked mine up about 3 hours ago, so bit early to say, but I will keep an eye on it! :shock: P
  17. There is an overhead to just being connected, although I believe it is very small. If I take the plunge and buy the GPRS counter, i'll let you know exactly how much 8) P
  18. I haven't tried this yet, but my contacts tell me this is the case. The microsoft root certificate has been removed from the final version, and all software that needs to be installed has to be signed with an Orange certificate. You can kinda understand why this is the case, but it is a nuisance, especially for developers. I'm hopeful that some way will be found to add new certificates to the SPV, thus allowing me to write software and actually test it on the device! In the meantime, the Orange co-branded Handango store is the place to get stuff from! P
  19. The correct answer is (2). The pre-release phones did indeed have scenario (1), but this was fixed by the development team in time for release! :D One of the main reasons for me buying an SPV was MSN Messenger, which I can definitely say STAYS CONNECTED when the screen goes off! P
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