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  1. On 3/23/2016 at 1:30 PM, The Soup Thief said:

    Good that you included the disclaimer at the top Paul. Lots of sites are just posting these Huawei puff-piece press releases as reviews - bit shady really imho.

    The above doesn't actually tell us that much about the phone - just breathless hyperbole about features of modern smartphones!

    Any info about the battery size?  Good that it has Marshmallow (albeit with the shonky EMUI skin - not mentioned above)

    Encouraging that it has google maps "free of charge" (wtf?)

    On the level, what do you reckon, Paul? Any good?

    Crumbs! Just saw a review on CNET - 450 quid for the 16gb model???  


    On the level, I really like it. EMUI is love it or hate it, of course, but although I could leave lots of it (particularly the launcher, which is thankfully easily replaced), there's no denying it's powerful and contributes to epic battery life. 

    Battery life is super important to me - I am using a S7 Edge at the moment because the battery is good, but the Mate 8 is on a whole other level. I reckon it lasts nearly double as long as the Samsung for me.

    There isn't a 16GB model AFAIK? When it officially becomes available here it'll be £429 on vMall - no word of a lie, I am seriously considering buying one when my loaner has to go back.


  2. 2 hours ago, toge64 said:

    Hi Paul - bit hard to contact you via twitter so for doing this :D

    1) How do you find the battery life compared to the devices you currently have, including the redmi 3 (i have one of these)
    2) Is the camera the let down some articles are saying it is?
    3) How is the build quality?
    4) How is the screen quality compared to the competition

    non xiaomi mi 5 questions:

    1) are you still gonna do a podcast? i really enjoyed them
    2) recommend me a cheap VPN?

    1) Too early to say really, I doubt it will be up to the standard of the Redmi 3 though, as that is epic.

    2) So far I'm finding it good!

    3) Flawless on my unit

    4) Very very good, no complaints.

    5) Podcast is on hiatus for now, but never say never!

    6) I use this VPN and it's very good

  3. 7 hours ago, T39andcounting said:

    For me it has to be the car kit. Active Brodit Mount (coupled with the right mount for my car) usually. They're expensive, but just work. I hate the cheap mounts that people stick on their windscreen! 

    Best mount I had was my Nexus 5 with Nexus wireless charger. The magnets in the charger made it a wire free magnetic mount! 

    Yeah, the Brodit mounts are awesome. Not ideal if you swap phones a lot though! 


  4. Yeah i'm still not convinced. Used to be a xiaomi fan but been sucked in my Xiaomi's low pricing too many times and then you realise MIUI is just not up to par, although I like xiaomi hardware. MIUI V6 and I presume 7 is basically the new touch wiz in my eyes, horribly bloated with high ram use, jerky animations, slow response to touch. My Mi4i has to be one of the worst phones i've owned. Overheating when doing small tasks, jerky, laggy, FC's, high ram use the works. My £94 Meizu M2 mini absolutely blows it out the water in real world use. In fact i think Flyme is a much more well thought out, better optimized, minimalist clean UI skin.

    Xiaomi introduce weekly firmware updates that do very little to address actual performance issues, some bugs linger for months and months at a time or dont get solved at all, also MIUI sees significant performance decreases over time too, horribly convoluted settings menus as well. Scroll around and use multi touch on miui for a while then compare it to any close to stock build and the decreased response times and reactivity of the interface becomes horribly apparent. CM12 on my Oneplus is in a completely different league to MIUI. Also the chance of receiving an update to a newer version of android when it is released is almost non existent on xiaomi phones.

    I would love to see extensive Cyanogen OS support for Xiaomi devices. That would be epic.

    I am interested as to how well the camera performs. I am currently trying to decide between this, the P8000 and the Lenovo K3. The fingerprint sensor on the P8000 is hugely appealing with Android M coming and Android Pay with it (as well as 1Password usage) but I read reports of the iffy camera...

    The P8000 had terrible software bugs for me, the K3 looks OK though!


  5. I did this for my 2014 Moto X. Great service, although you could end up with a strange looking phone that you regret or struggle to resell if you go for some of the brighter colour combinations! 

    They did a thing in the US where if you didn't like the colours you could send it back for free. Don't think that's available for the UK tho.


  6. Are you going to flash CM12.1 on it?  (is it actually available yet?)

    Does the camera have OIS?  I think its the same module as the Oneplus One but with OIS which should be great as the OPO camera is pretty good.

    Hows battery life so far? standby, SOT?

    Thoughts on build quality? Is the back cover plastic or glass?


    I have flashed CM12 preview version. Camera does not have OIS as far as I know. I got over 5 hours SOT, which is epic for me.

    Back cover is plastic which i'm not a massive fan of, but overall the build quality is excellent.

    Cam any good (Sony?)? Screen on time? Lag? Screen qual in sunlight? Fingerprint reader reliable? Build qual? Fast charge? mSD? battery looks removable?

    Cam seems pretty good. No lag (particularly on CM), screen is good in sunlight. The fingerprint readers is easily the best i've ever used. Fast-ish charge (faster than OP2, but not 'quickcharge'). Battery doesn't appear to be removable.

    Based on the spyware than Lenovo are baking into their laptop bios's I certainly no longer trust any hardware made by them... which is a shame as otherwise this looks like an interesting device

    Lenovo 'backed' but not Lenovo.


  7. Hi. Does the GPS work when in a car?


    Seems to, as you'd expect!

    Is MUI V7 still as laggy and as bloated as MIUI V6 was?

     Is using Multitouch in the gallery and elsewhere still a painful experience?

    Actually, i'm pretty impressed by the X10 in the Note 2. Seems largely smooth overall (I have flashed to the MIUI 7 developer version).


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