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  1. 128GB microSD is now down to £39.99 at Amazon. Crazy! http://t.co/Ec19NYvYWK

  2. . @mdearlove just now. Perez is fine...

  3. . @punkmonkey1984 lower end CPU, bigger battery!

  4. When I was a wee lad, I had a life goal of owning a Ferrari. That's since been replaced by a top spec Tesla Model S. Is that weird?

  5. So @Spotify can add a fancy new colour scheme but you still have to log in sideways on a landscape 10" tablet. Good job guys. #facepalm

  6. The Alcatel Idol 5.5 is really rather nice. Especially for sub £200. The anyway-way-up usage is a total gimmick though.

  7. Reddit. *looks for mushroom cloud emoji*

  8. *upgrades Windows 10 VMs to RTM* - I have to say, it is looking pretty good!

  9. Z3+ is faring MUCH better today for some reason. Very odd. http://t.co/nbjKDvaDqN

  10. Brain is overflowing with all the cool possibilities for the new Google Nearby APIs. Play Services marches on! http://t.co/LqvqIxa6U2

  11. If the Note 5 really does have a 4000mAh battery and isn't too humongous that'll be interesting...

  12. Prime Day deal hunting! @oppo, @LG Urbane, @Withings Activite, @wahoofitness BT HRM, @Fitbit Charge HR and more! http://t.co/TxubLG3e8F

  13. RT @sriramk: Wikileaks + Sony - so little outrage over stolen correspondence being made public. Is someone's cap table or actor rants in pu…

  14. Oh, not installable in the UK. #fail. As you were.

  15. Microsoft even had an Android app store on those funny green Nokias… :p

  16. ChugPlug looks pretty neat. A couple of usb ports built in would be cool too tho. https://t.co/YGN4bmXbge

  17. HP ProLiant Gen8 G1610T MicroServer, £119.99 after cashback. A great little box! Just upgraded from my old N40L. http://t.co/WQcQPFadqJ

  18. Apologies in advance to the neighbours.

  19. I wrote about my favourite battery banks. I’ve tried a LOT of them. :) http://t.co/2ZelJ250vL

  20. One M8 becomes the M8s with a regular 13MP camera, bigger battery and the Snapdragon 615. THAT could be a really good phone.

  21. On the S6 flipside, finally an epic Android camera and wireless charging to mitigate the battery pain a little. That camera wart though...

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