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  1. Awesome! 3.2 rolling to US WiFi Xooms while Euro 3G devices are still waiting for 3.1. Good job Moto. :-/

  2. I enjoyed Top Gear last night, they actually *shock* reviewed cars! :-D

  3. Ahhh, upgrading Etch -> Lenny including PHP 5.2 > 5.3, that was fun!

    1. gunk


      Arrrgh can't post on Modaco forums atm. Is wireless N enabled on the latest FR11 release? ever since updating I just can't seem to see 802.11n devices.

  4. Don't forget we're giving away a 2X! http://mdc.gd/wina2x :-P

  5. Oh, the joy of browsers… tested the new MoDaCo on every machine / browser combo I could find and people are still finding strange problems!

  6. Lucie is insisting we take our seats so she can watch the 'Herbies' (I think she means the Porsche SuperCup!)

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