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  1. Anker now have a 6 port 60W charging block. Very nice! http://t.co/QPxp4Rmoyx

  2. First day back in the office after a Christmas / New Year in the Alps. Really worked some tech hard, with interesting results…!

  3. I always thought @Podolski10 would be a great Arsenal player. Very sad if he does indeed leave, he never got a chance to establish himself.

  4. Looking this watchface on my G Watch R! Workshop (Christmas 2014) | FaceRepo - http://t.co/YYFixiUYlv

  5. Fair comment. RT @mattroxburgh: @PaulOBrien legit, but not that manly

  6. Is it legit to return a phone because it's uncomfortable on my little pinkie finger when I hold it? Asking for a friend.

  7. Trying out Fenix again due to annoying upload issues on Talon!

  8. There's a new Tasker update with improved lollipop support. Boy does it need a visual overhaul though!

  9. Or is that too ‘nerdy’?

  10. Making the leap from a group of ROM devs (albeit with a very talented head in @cyanogen) to a respected company is already a challenge…

  11. I keep holding the Nexus 6 upside down. :-/

  12. Has anyone checked whether encryption is automatically enabled with Lollipop on Wear yet?

  13. The @sonimextreme XP7 Extreme has hit its $150,000 crowdfunding target. Got questions? We have one so fire away here! http://t.co/MMV1ckJkz2

  14. I'm also checking out some new security gear from @FoscamUK, official UK Foscam distributors! http://t.co/QeApKiPBPO

  15. Classic Arsenal. Not capitalising on early dominance and paying the price sadly.

  16. When you read something in your timeline and think 'Did he really say that?'. Yikes.

  17. RT @lilH3rmit: Got $120 of Google Play Store credit For Sale, $90?! Anyone interested?

  18. Ah, I did wonder what these strange grey boxes were that have appeared in Norwich! http://t.co/ZDIt5oHEAF

  19. :-p RT @fabnapp: @PaulOBrien Selfie or it did not happen

  20. LightwaveRF triple pack of sockets and remote now £18 at B&Q. Excellent deal! http://t.co/dVhjl9daJ9

  21. RT @jmkhenka: @PaulOBrien Hey mate, have you seen this on a HTC device before? 3 lines/dots and one flashing with SD-reads? http://t.co/eHU…

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