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  1. Ahhh, upgrading Etch -> Lenny including PHP 5.2 > 5.3, that was fun!

    1. gunk


      Arrrgh can't post on Modaco forums atm. Is wireless N enabled on the latest FR11 release? ever since updating I just can't seem to see 802.11n devices.

  2. New Windows laptop, 104 updates, progress stuck at 0% indefinitely. What a great OOBE.

  3. Just discovered that Google Maps now overlays on the map what area a postcode covers. Quite cool.

    1. kaizoku_san


      i noticed that today as well... quite cool i thot :)

  4. Tonight: Petit Chablis + Big Bang Theory followed by 'Horrible Bosses' :-)

    1. Tyrellcorp


      Very funny film...enjoy! I copied Colin Farrell's ring tone from the film!

  5. Surprised to see the M8 review on @anandtech wasn't a @nerdtalker production! Wanted to hear his take on the camera... #wheresbrian

  6. Has anyone read Engadget Distro? Thoughts? http://t.co/wtJGUeBM

  7. UK deets we haz them. ;-) RT @modacoandroid Eee Pad Transformer Prime announced http://t.co/QSYh2WzX

  8. 9%. RT @jastonas: @PaulOBrien sounds nice, but how much have you got left?

  9. Falcon Pro seems nice enough, early days though and no reason to switch to it from @Plumeapp for me...

  10. So apparently a Meizu MX Quad can survive overnight on the piste with no ill effects. Dropped last night, retrieved this morning, all fine!

  11. Ruh-roh, sneaking suspicion my Archos is DOA. :-/ If it is, that'll be my first ever! Giving it some charge and seeing what happens…

  12. Hurrah! A retro game that doesn't ruin the memory of playing it first time round! Dreamcast classic RE-VOLT - https://t.co/5HAb9AYN5t

  13. Behave… :-p RT @Manadare: @PaulOBrien Well, there is a white one.... :D

  14. Had this asked lots of times, we recorded our #MWC14 videos on the @nokia_uk  Lumia 1020. Really awesome for video!

  15. Ooh, GLWG and the add on pack are both reduced to $0.99 atm! https://t.co/RwFChT8z

  16. If Apple is really suing Samsung over their 7.7" tablet it's getting kinda silly…

  17. Also confirmed by BetterBatteryStats' CPU state stats. DOH! Ping me @AcerUK_Official or @ExpansysUK :-) http://t.co/xSsIUmA9

  18. So, @6WunderKinder are another company that retweet people bogging them up non stop. Doesn't make for compelling reading as a follower.

  19. All sorts of things turn up when clearing out cupboards!

  20. Hurrah! RT @HTCSource HTC Jetstream get permanent root access and the CWM Recovery http://t.co/TWn1EXdm

  21. Congrats! RT @Reesters My first double page in Android Magazine :-) @lgrobot http://t.co/9Yuxf13m

  22. Just driven past a bike shop called 'Reservoir Cogs'. Awesome!

  23. Meeting with hull: On battery charging, Lollipop and more… http://t.co/vfPBiHwNSy

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