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TUTORIAL: C500 Photo Themes

Guest midnight

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Guest mcnl6754

For FREE ppc camera templates go to my site XDA-V.6te

I currently have 25 templates finished, and the tutorials above really helped.

Here is a sample: post-186079-1145553071_thumb.jpg

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Guest StoneCold

I am really struggling with getting the template to work with the instructions on this thread, I dont suppose someone would create a really easy on for me (Well easy for you not me...).

All I need is a playing card, something like a 7 of diamonds that if lined up with a person when taking a picture will look like they are holding it up. So all that needs to be in the template is a playing card, nothing else. Maybe at an angle so it looks natural.

I would really appreciate anyone who can help with this.

Many thanks in advance...

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Guest revo2wheels

Is there a limit to the number of picture templates that you can have in the camera application? On my htc-s620 the limit seems to be 21? - adding more into my documents\Templates bumps some off the bottom as its an alpha sorted list.

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