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Chinese fonts on English MPx220 - Updated w/ PIC

Guest hjimmy

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Thanks hjimmy,

I can now see Hebrew fonts on my mpx200 Smartphone 2003.

For those of you who need to read Hebrew characters.

(unfortunately from left to right :roll:)

1) Copy these fonts to "\Storage\windows\Fonts" :

nina.ttf and ninab.ttf from Smartphone 2003 "\windows" directory.

arial.ttf font from your Widnows Xp "C:\windows\fonts" directory.

2) Run "RapiConfig.exe /p hebrew.xml"

I atached "hebrew.xml" to this message, get "RapiConfig.exe" from hjimmy attachment.

This should work for mpx220 as well.


Lior, thank you very much. It works.

Another question, perhaps you know: is there some way to fix the font direction(left to right) problem?

Thank you in advance.

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