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C500 SimLock Toggling (Cost: £0.00)

Guest Zone-MR

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Guest fastfrank


For all those interested I've just got this to work on my SPV C500 with the latest UK firmware (despite reading that is doesn't work).

The only thing I was doing wrong was not installing the 'cert.cab' before hand on the phone. I thought you just copied it over and left it - but you must run the file to install it (thus needing to application unlock the phone of course).

Jobs a gooden.... happy daze!


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Guest homer_j_s

Fantastic, worked first time.

Put O2 simcard in, asked for "network unlock code"

Used this badass program and BOOM, O2 - UK instead of Orange. =D>

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Guest zipperhead

How about guys who cannot use the phone and copy the files?

My phone is locked on the uk orange network and I don't have thier sim.

It asks for the code.

Can you help?


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Guest Kamran

Hello to all, first i would like to add my name to the long list of people who are thankful to Zone-MR, though i have not used the unlocking programe yet.

I am planning to get an SPV C-550 next week i am wondering if this unlocking programe will work on C-550 as well.. please do reply to my query.

I apologise for my English. If there are any mistaks the reason is that English is not my first language.

Best wishes.

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Guest gadget woman
I have tried doijng it but massively failed...

It says:

RAPI Init Failed: Client DLL Not Found

ROM Editing tools will be unavailable

I have installed the .cab file on my phone...

Why is this is my SPV gone stange or is it me again?  :oops:


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Guest gadget woman


Forget it i found out what was wrong. My computer couldn't find the dll file needs to be in same place as rest of spv services. Done it now and it works a treat easy in the end. Thanks a million now got spv on T-mobile wasy better customer service than Orange so far!!!! :)

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Guest neltek


Orange C500 phone...

application unlock worked fine

Copied cab file and ran it ok

Opened services and clicked on SIMLockTool (Alpha)

Typed AGREE in box and clicked on LOGIN

got message...

"Please wait, reading encrypted block..."

"RAPI error

Unknown error -2147014795 in read operation."


SORRY scratch that - tried a few more times and worked on 4th attempt




Edited by neltek
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Guest misterhamper

Will this work on a Orange SPV C500 with a Qtek-rom?

And do this tool do, so i can easely install any new rom i want? Like imei-check do?

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Just tried to unlock c500, installed cab file okay. Tried to run spvservices and get a error message "unable to open the file. The system returned the error Acess denied!"

I have unlocked the phone via orange web site and other application run okay. Any ideas?



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Guest Pondrew

Sorry Frazer, to me it sounds like the device could still be application locked. Can't think of anything else to suggest.

Changing the subject slightly, a member recently suggested this is backward compatible with old HTC Smartphones, namely the HTC Voyager (SPV E200). I didn't think that was the case. Can anyone confirm?

Already aware of the rom hack method with the E200...

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Guest JohnSmith05


I do actually have a problem.

I got another SPV, this one is locked to Orange.

I have just app unlocked it, but the simlock is still there.


Does this mean I need an orange simcard, so I can use the file manager - to unlock it?

Please help, John

Edited by JohnSmith05
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Guest tony_miao

Thanks to some invaluable efforts from itsme, and anonymous, our SPV C500 unlocking tool is now in alpha :o

There are, however, some limitations, which we are working to resolve:

  • Your phone must be an Orange C500. Do NOT run this on an AudioVox phone or ROM. Ignoring this may result in your phone becomming unusable till we add AudioVox compatibility.

  • Your phone must be application unlocked, and have our cert.cab file installed. This file should be included with the SPV-Services package. We realise this is a big limitation, again it's something we are working around.

Additionally, SPV-Developers or it's admins will not be held responsible for any problems caused by this tool. However, all changes made are 100% reversible, and we will do are best to help should anything unexpected happen.

To try this service, you will need to download the SPV-Services Client. The file cert.cab needs to be copied to your phone and executed. After this, run the SPV-Services.exe, and have fun :(

If you try it, please post your feedback.


How to download

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