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C500 SimLock Toggling (Cost: £0.00)

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Guest mossywell

BTW, This so called "alpha" code is better than many well-known global organisation's release code. Presumably, when it is release code, it'll make me a cup of tea in the morning and change my son's nappies as well? ;)

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Guest clemonator
BTW, This so called "alpha" code is better than many well-known global organisation's release code. Presumably, when it is release code, it'll make me a cup of tea in the morning and change my son's nappies as well?  ;)


I assume labeling something ALPHA or even BETA you reduce your legal liability but I agree these guys have done a bang-up job. 8)

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Guest alcalina

just put the oragem rom, after try unlocked

and put the smt5600 rom again

it's simple

if something go wrong, send a menssage to o-zone

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Guest Nigel Butcher

Hello all,

To start, sorry for being a very thick dad, I bought my son a spvc500 and I want to unlock it.

I have tried to follow the instructions that have been given here, however, when I try to open the cert. document it says.

"Installation failed, the program or setting cannot be installed because it does not have adequate system permissions"

Can anybody give me a step by step idiot guide to setting this thing up.

Many thanks

If anybody can help I will learn to like the Simpsons. I promise

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Guest fozzie

Hi Nigel. Welcome to the site. I suspect you need to Application Unlock (decertify) your phone first; this allows applications that have not been signed ('approved') by Microsoft, to run on your phone.

Take a look >>here<<. Once you've succesfully app unlocked, you should then be able to run the Sim Unlock app.

Edited by fozzie
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Guest nabz234

wat does Your phone must be application unlocked, and have our cert.cab file installed. This file should be included with the SPV-Services package. We realise this is a big limitation, again it's something we are working around. mean excactly and is there any chace some one could send me everything that came on the cd with the c500 as i didnt get one and i cant connect 2 my computer with out it [email protected] thx very much

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Guest squall

visit http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/dow...tivesync38.mspx for the software you need tyo connect to the pc

i suggest you read the instructions again and follow them step by step, its difficult to make them any more clear

aplication unlocking allows your phone to run applications that normally would not run due to restrictions which oragne put on the phone. see the articles section for instructions on how to removethe app lock

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Guest namiran

seriously...is this coming for other brands such as qtek too?

its not that i cant wait, i just want to know if waiting for this is gonna be for any good? would really appreciate if the developers could comment on this and if it even is possible.

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Guest dcoelho
Same for me  :?:

PM sent


Well! I Have change the Orange rom to I-Mate rom and now I get a DATA CRASHES message. My old C500 doesn't even connect via activesync.

Is it dead? Do you know any way to make it return to life?

I want to use your great app to unlock my phone but before I need return to Orange rom.

Any help or is better to the funeral to my old and dear phone? Thank you

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Guest beemboy

Thanks for the great service provided, guys!

I just have one question: if I purchase an Orange SPV C500 and unlock its SIM, can I use it without any trouble in the T-mobile network in the US?

Thanks much!

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Guest SPVC500VN

I was installed cert.cab, app is unlocked but can't unlock sim because this message

Encrypted checksum not found ;)

When I used debugging toll

Computed checksum: 0000000000000000

Stored checksum: 0000000000000000


Attempting to find decryption key...

Trying Key: 510f543ad7bfbecf, workKey: 9e5ebf4677611e8e, sumdec: 205f36c0918f46fd

Trying Key: e187efdb1feab407, workKey: 2871854de669e5eb, sumdec: 749e2d2de6d5961b

Trying Key: 64fd1847a9628567, workKey: 848c71bb5bd77757, sumdec: b8999cf9f3b7d3a2

Trying Key: 557a2be7bcd7a508, workKey: 92ad59ac6a4d51af, sumdec: 6730dcce956ba36c

Trying Key: e5f0da279019224a, workKey: 3a5abfa7024c01bd, sumdec: 6134b7bd4fb89b82

Trying Key: 77b2abf9d59e1a4f, workKey: 2e698b0b9711de36, sumdec: 985b5bf73dd11232

Trying Key: 25f775502cff407d, workKey: 266b676727c22f7a, sumdec: ce803e16e27ffeda

Trying Key: 395ae6a6ac7b5b00, workKey: ab2151cff7fe91e4, sumdec: 2f6bc2e0c7111bf1

Trying Key: b55d00775e73c745, workKey: 49e184c97ea76be4, sumdec: fe5a6c9764ad35c8

Trying Key: cce197c4c1ecf280, workKey: 9253adb055c67942, sumdec: 14148aa17e6d9c46

Trying Key: 66afd5914810df28, workKey: 5276f23e811b1bed, sumdec: 4ce7b35a1dfa53b6

Trying Key: a0f3b667d7aea776, workKey: 6bfa3cca724ed459, sumdec: e9325d3df16203ce

Trying Key: 49bc8cd34ab5f3e9, workKey: 540848dda08065c5, sumdec: 4cd8e93fbc53f98f

Trying Key: 667d7ce5edbc83c5, workKey: dacd857f1474ab25, sumdec: 53f6a56bb206dced

Trying Key: b08fffb1057eaa8f, workKey: 57ca976ceb9c7256, sumdec: 3ef7aee3c4d088c7

Trying Key: 11ad63d24656d092, workKey: 5ca015f392942361, sumdec: 88f5269bee096665

Trying Key: 2a7647e25ac7ef5e, workKey: 60f05068da5920cb, sumdec: cb3b93d828797281

Trying Key: cfef220361f71644, workKey: 590e080e932d68a1, sumdec: 46333919d4d8acb8

Trying Key: 89febd596b2fe9db, workKey: e3ea9c4d0ef5daeb, sumdec: db62ebdbdeaa84b8

Trying Key: 14f0b48e005c1f7e, workKey: bb7198df7b28340d, sumdec: 79bd8f628475b631

Trying Key: dff4f94d989103cb, workKey: f7f4945b75ade060, sumdec: e58850ddab440c68

Trying Key: 8f9e51c72483f325, workKey: f2311f1185726d80, sumdec: b5dee95aee59fcc2

Trying Key: 7c64d531830ce433, workKey: b8e69ded8f4c71d4, sumdec: cd2f688dd41b2330

Trying Key: 312472440da9dc5f, workKey: 572494113884ff0a, sumdec: b9f813d740562c0f

Trying Key: f09d6abb0cfc7658, workKey: 82196b9a3ebbec9e, sumdec: c7fc109425287fb7

Trying Key: 2cf1d1d83d4a6291, workKey: 3b3d009421ef6c85, sumdec: 87bf6fd35c10f6d5

Trying Key: 0e2a10e054fde3c0, workKey: 473b9762289253c4, sumdec: 2a32e2a20c266e0c

Trying Key: f1b1659b76244f60, workKey: db038798395146ed, sumdec: 1b602bed2f05efec

Trying Key: e6d861d5bdee922f, workKey: 569264d08b3c3722, sumdec: 6ff6c82f80d12540

Trying Key: 305269e0b733abb0, workKey: 798954e6442e33a4, sumdec: 15103b66e79941dd

Trying Key: c9b6360fe6eb2da9, workKey: 5c30f519e755a807, sumdec: 5c95299d839b57c2

Trying Key: db00553c42b4bfa6, workKey: 4a41c52d2fc3d294, sumdec: b23097eddf31c0db

Trying Key: 480fa843b3509d75, workKey: ca8407251d86d012, sumdec: 569255722dd158b0

Trying Key: 2328e384972515a9, workKey: fa893dac32798dde, sumdec: 35233a302966cbfd

Trying Key: 34710f6542bc0b17, workKey: 071485ac6e470599, sumdec: 6fe16579e68ab3a2

Trying Key: 78770ace7943765c, workKey: 4c704e5ff76c2106, sumdec: 457074653d87a689

Trying Key: 9ea905acf60be055, workKey: 5e4921f6b77c2b95, sumdec: 3635e4ee76db513c

Trying Key: 8bda056ee70ae9a5, workKey: ada67fbde7bccc35, sumdec: ddea0f259565fc2c

Trying Key: d7c3628b6f5ac532, workKey: f09b2f4e22173d84, sumdec: ca5bbf9e529f1cba

Trying Key: 4e7f4bfa24b8baa8, workKey: e9f1e5b0d77f3ec1, sumdec: 21464d7101b71e25

Trying Key: 710e41b88f05a3f5, workKey: 7f3090341ee4982e, sumdec: ad4bbc2d9944f7ca

Trying Key: f2d29846afc970cb, workKey: 4c0fd89281702893, sumdec: 47dc4017e1bd4d70

Trying Key: 3b15f92875aba321, workKey: cc530cef091f0e52, sumdec: d0510e3f81453252

Trying Key: e781e26849fad4b2, workKey: bdfd1451e6ef6501, sumdec: fbf01136cfbcdccb

Trying Key: 47a5241085282e7d, workKey: b7f98b662dc888ed, sumdec: b6cfc1817b6d8ad3

Trying Key: df7763b3f54aef44, workKey: 8961d88a945ec2f5, sumdec: 57a76725ad8419a1

Trying Key: e7cd9ae55d99ec0d, workKey: 6efe80107cd5019f, sumdec: fe2d1c263d935505

Trying Key: cbe395bff3f30ca3, workKey: b7639ac5af191fb5, sumdec: 10b2dc7aa6d9c6c2

Trying Key: abd8755ce05bc816, workKey: a4864fb7426311c3, sumdec: 07c6df80add9d1a9

Trying Key: db31305ec375b137, workKey: 5017c4e5c032a35f, sumdec: e472594d8338ec3c

Trying Key: 63550e6a2e0bea1d, workKey: da21b13155c69a68, sumdec: 251aef64956062c2

Trying Key: 800f2da7278aa9a3, workKey: 292d5090cf23b4eb, sumdec: 1f3ae61dc92fd00f

Trying Key: 220efe43a885bae8, workKey: b1f7675b01dd4eb3, sumdec: 7996097075828062

Trying Key: 6d68c5ef2032fdcd, workKey: 4e5e285fc06d300b, sumdec: 51c95645d24e1d4d

Trying Key: 38131d5ef0e8e37a, workKey: ff19d7de7c5b01d1, sumdec: 2aa573394b1b6e94

Trying Key: 906b72caefa7f5d9, workKey: 4a75eadbe0b73976, sumdec: cc4f2a426568afbc

Trying Key: 36b0856ee6904d1a, workKey: 615f69ed9a465e00, sumdec: 7e0c23277ce533ca

Trying Key: 1d84eb0d15691a2d, workKey: 7799d59096cdd7b5, sumdec: b6319d586ccb6b4a

Trying Key: ed718e6aac1a204b, workKey: ae1e77c38890e132, sumdec: 333a15c5be7faceb

Trying Key: 83612bcd5232366e, workKey: d935dff3c5b65cbf, sumdec: 0cb719d46662ce15

Trying Key: 6e24d385a263c6d4, workKey: bb0b91707e25fd7d, sumdec: 1b7872b413a81797

Trying Key: 73ed6a60a8025181, workKey: 824a87906e4e418f, sumdec: 46cd4c7b7647199a

Trying Key: 0ad52b356988e9b9, workKey: 1b55922db75632d7, sumdec: 3d80ef7d0b7796bd

Trying Key: df57225b5914b58a, workKey: ccec22f93828e4eb, sumdec: 97f8d5cacce176c4

Trying Key: 52d3b02fe2e67040, workKey: ecbeeae3dfa149f0, sumdec: 3777345b4897a94b

Trying Key: f80c0a91e3e5eaee, workKey: eb06fa999221c10f, sumdec: 649185588cfba22e

Trying Key: 18a9ba682f1a86ec, workKey: a57f40307005033b, sumdec: 6dd44d6a90184218

Trying Key: 2eb71d1a0a33ba53, workKey: 900347dabfe3c419, sumdec: a724999bce2c15a8

Trying Key: 6b25e314b0019283, workKey: c4671b59ab1bc8e0, sumdec: 77629c076c1a95bf

Trying Key: 33479348cefa2d9e, workKey: 01eebd22783de706, sumdec: c239fea2ba5f62d5

Trying Key: 9e5404aa06b83e0b, workKey: 1366b640431aba52, sumdec: 0acb1d97488c0c20

Trying Key: f7e8e5b26f788cf4, workKey: 697204cb68d66674, sumdec: b85cab73b4f6d422

Trying Key: 408336dd139c73c8, workKey: d5a3e0223cc51832, sumdec: 4e363c12c839f103

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Trying Key: 32cfe9fd09b822af, workKey: 660c3417be88b78d, sumdec: 9af18fda86873743

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Trying Key: 7ab7711ef976c0ce, workKey: 71bfa5ccb7ad5bab, sumdec: 7bda0ceb28e6c2ea

Trying Key: 516f135e45eade84, workKey: 47c5b21c99559d41, sumdec: aba3b4ca5557322e

Trying Key: 8171da25223ca76d, workKey: 7bffd14879868501, sumdec: 5daa42ecc65e771c

Trying Key: 79edb61e0c7e6628, workKey: 065951fb1cb6a952, sumdec: 18f500071d1836a4

Trying Key: de776d7bf1647a19, workKey: acf585a618d2abaa, sumdec: 587353fb27c01f6f

Trying Key: 0886196fb1c9d6e5, workKey: 6467b98a1538503f, sumdec: e371fac15841151d

Trying Key: 83f6a5b4a52a81f7, workKey: 186ff10f7a21f442, sumdec: aba1d8e057003413

Trying Key: 90875406152917ff, workKey: 0d29f7f70d11002f, sumdec: 277e8a1e0e2dbf92

Trying Key: a15b3aa5c00b466e, workKey: ec71cb97451d0bd1, sumdec: c575435fa6228e6f

Trying Key: e07cc1d7583b52fb, workKey: b8a3c5985c6ec03a, sumdec: c603c5397b140c01

Trying Key: a854256402c59121, workKey: 04f5c0aa9a9f889f, sumdec: d240d00d629c704f

Trying Key: 0a33f818dbdcef9e, workKey: 165096a06ee5a0dd, sumdec: 37f155ca0ee7f089

Trying Key: 4acd9f456e556bf5, workKey: fe4036e2434b066b, sumdec: e4467c1e7cb95d0f

Trying Key: 60b9d43f3f2999ed, workKey: 1db976009e98ca3d, sumdec: ae3b9ce105ff3960

Trying Key: 77f322de43f71e11, workKey: d3a922cf6ca922a2, sumdec: 3ebdf3cda8a6cec9

Trying Key: 715b6cff6680372e, workKey: 3cc99e2f278ee7ba, sumdec: d05de91e67d332e9

Trying Key: 61346603042933d8, workKey: ef80307647d820c8, sumdec: ed6945a337b0ab1c

Trying Key: 10a5194e707cf4e4, workKey: 2129848469c2a492, sumdec: dab4f0925f702372

Trying Key: 793c64c970a772ef, workKey: 4ef5e0f7c59019e0, sumdec: e64bc695e3933f6f

Encrypted checksum not found :D

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Guest 868349767

"The only question I have though, will this "rom unlock" the phone like the £20 solution or purely sim unlock?"

I also have this question

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Guest mossywell
"The only question I have though, will this "rom unlock" the phone like the £20 solution or purely sim unlock?"

I also have this question


Do these help? Both are answers to this question - in this thread. ;)



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Guest kursbi

Having app-unlocked my orange spv c500, I attempt to install the cert.cab file, but I get the error 'INFO Cert.cab failed to install on your device'. Can you think of any reason why this would be the case?

EDIT: In fact, I cannot seem to install anything any more, including the Security.exe sent by orange to allow app unlock/locking.

Can someone point me to a thread which describes how I go about diagnosing this fault.

EDIT 2: Worked a treat this time. Did a hard reset, then installed security.exe received from [email protected] Disabled Security. Installed Cert.cab. Ran spv-services.exe and Unlocked. Now to re-install apps.


Edited by kursbi
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Guest mossywell
Worked a treat, excellent thanks!

Will this need to be redone if I update the ROM on my C500?


You are joking, right?

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Guest dcoelho
I tried to unlock my C500 (orange UK) and get the message: "encrypted cheksum not found :)"

How can I solve this prob.? Thanks


Hy Guys!!! Nobody has a solution??

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Guest petermatheson1

Excellent, Got my brand new C500 from orange today with the latest rom already installed. App unlocked & Sim unlocked with this tool in seconds, cheers!!

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