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Guest extravagant

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Guest Toyota-F1.com


This is my homescreen!

It's derived from the dx_osx homescreen, and I have also changed all the screens such as the alert screen, question screen etc.

So at the top we have the iconbar, then the network (changed by me), then the time and date, note how the time is much larger.

Then we have a nice space for the image, then the MRU.

Below that is a hidden text menu which enters text messages, below that is one that enters profiles, and below that is a visible Calendar screen that shows upcoming appointments.




CLOCK/smaller font DATE





I also have another version which is similar, the exception being that the carrier is removed, leaving more room for my hand-made wallpapers which I also pride myself on :)

I have four versions of both homescreens, each with alternating black and white colours (depending on wallpaper), e.g. iconbar black, carrier/clock black; iconbar white, carrier/clock white; iconbar black, carrier/clock white; iconbar white, carrier/clock black.

I also have eight versions of the screens (i.e. startup, shutdown, alert, exclamation etc.) which I simply change by copy and pasting that folder into Home and name it dx_osx, those are

dx_osx homescreen 1 and 2

Toyota F1 homescreen 1 and 2

Windows Mobile homescreen 1, 2 and 3

Natural Choice homescreen 1


(Screenshot taken using Pocket SnapIt)

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YAY, i'm so totally happy that it's actually been downloaded... let alone that you actually like it...

Any ideas for new ones... i'm thinking some kind of beenstalk type thing, maybe a sunshine in the sky with rays?


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I find it hard to think of what to make them on, nice to see you thinking of different ideas :D

Whenever I get a little free time I'm currently doing this 1 ...


It's being a pain at the moment but it's coming together now. It's kinda like the Orange homescreen where you can press down and come to different plug ins (even though i didn't use the Orange plugin)

Do plan on trying out the Orange plugin after this one :)

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I like the orange one, but it seems so slow and unresponsive...

i did modify it and remove all the extra code (about 7 different languages) to see if it ran any faster, but it was just the same...

shame really, coz it's such a brilliant idea they had...

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Guest Cybertronic


Going for a minimalistic theme based on Windows Vista :oops:

A little bit of tweaking left to do for both :)

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Guest ChrisJM

Nice Homescreen W411y! I'm still using the standard ms one on my c600 as i havent had it long and like keeping it original for a while ;)

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Guest Coucou
Which screenshot program works in WM5? ;)


Use Pocket SnapIt from the downloads section here, but make sure you enable consecutive snaps so that when you can go back to the homescreen. This succeeded on my phone, but also crashed Pocket SnapIt - hopefully a reboot will restore it.

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