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Update Tool is BACK & ROM 1.43

Guest Paraklas

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Guest Paraklas

I have used for a while a WM5 loaded mpx200. Believe me the experience is not that pleasant. OK, nicer GUI different menus etc.. but:

1. slower system

2. half system in SD -> when u accidentaly remove sd = crash

3. unsupported - beta version of windows with probably bugs in it

4. you get several errors either during calls or in whatever time, mostly due to hardware & software incompatibility.

I now have the mpx200, mpx220, i-mate sp5.. sp5 owns them all!

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Guest geoffrey118

Yeah - my friend experienced the same problems with WM5!! I think they're not that compatible after all huh!!

As to the 1.53 Generic ROM - There is no such thing as a 1.53 - it's actually a 3.53 Asian ROM - on Surreals they just wrote it down incorrectly - now they've fixed it!!

Why can't they issue a ROM with nice fonts but still using Media Player 10!?!? AND UNBRANDED!! :D

I think I'm asking too much though!!

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Guest MrShaggs

Does anyone know where to download the update tool, online or offline. I have a 1st gen MPX220 and I just bought a black one unlocked off of ebay and it is apparently the UK version because it was set to london. I used to have the update tool but motorola disabled it. Since I didn't buy it off cingular or any carrier how Do i update to the newest firmware and also will that affect that it is unlocked? Also, it is unlocked but even with a cingular SIM or ATT SIM it says no service. Did I get a Bum Phone?

I am getting fairly pissed off about it because i have had the worst support with these phones from ATT where I got the first one and also from motorola, since they disabled the tool that I used to update previously

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Quick question. I have the cingular 1.43 rom on an unlocked phone. What's the difference in the 1.47 or 1.49 generic versions? Does it have more features? Anything noticeably improved such as call or ringtone volumes or anything at all? I'm considering doing it but not if I won't notice a difference because I have no problems with it, it would just be nice to have an improvement...

Thanks in advance!

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Guest audrumma

Can any of you guys help me out? I just got a mpx220 (Its cheap and I really like it), and I downloaded the mpx220 exe file. I ran it and I kept get an error that said i wasn't logged onto the internet. I clearly was logged on to both the internet and ethernet, so I couldn't understand why the process kept stopping at the step where it verifies your internet connection.

I have ActiveSync 4.5 on a Sony Viao (sp?). The Viao has Windows XP which is working fine. It also won't work if I use the new sync software on my brother's Windows Vista Notebook. It then tells me that I'm not connected to ActiveSync. Can any of you help me?

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