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Orange is CHEATING ME! Said they will send a

Guest afhstingray

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Congratulations - but why did they give you cash for not supplying something they never said they would?


Presumably they were tired of me nagging them about the battery and wanted me to go away and stop bothering them.


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Guest orangeblimp
but isnt it unfair that i bought the device before the advertising was pulled, and was promised a spare battery by their customer services?

i tried emailing the executive office but never got a reply.


Hey,don't know if this will help at all but have just bought a spare battery online for a tenner inc p&p!! It hasn't arrived yet as only ordered this morning (5-April-06) so don't know if it's any good but fair price I thought for a spare battery as they do not seem to last long at all, especialy whilst using tomtom!

Regards, the blimp ;)

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