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Guest robt

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Guest AndrewH13

Had rubbish www till altering to Pauls dns servers, then ...

My results from www.bandwidthplace.com

Communications 1.7 megabits per second

Storage 211.1 kilobytes per second

1 mb file download 4.8 seconds

700+ on bt test

wnw + Pauls server change :D

PS - its not possible that files are stored in cache is it like another poster suggested and giving false readings?

Is there the equivalent of 'Temp Int Files' on a PDA?

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In Central London at lunch time get a speed of 426kbps with BT and 314kbps with bandwidth place. This is with the third level DNS servers used and no proxy and HS data service requested (but I can't check whether it is active since I can't setup an online TMob account at the mo).

Just changed to the TMob DNS servers (no proxy) and got 1.2Mbps with bandwidth place, although could this be to do with the cache? Will check with BT once they allow me another test (BT just came up with 319kbps). Just cleared intenet files in PIE and bandwidth place now showing 605.7kbps. At home the other evening bandwidth place was showing speeds of up to 1.2Mbps, but again could have been locally cached?

With open DNS server ( and I get DNS errors with bandwidthplace.

Have the 'locating' problem with all of the servers to be honest, sometimes better than others, but this could be done to the proxy I believe?

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