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The 'my first post' topic [merged]

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest marco1958
Looking for somewhere to make your first post?

Ok, my first post here. Don´t wanna be a virgin. I have a T-Mobile MDA Vario (HTC Wizard) since november 2005. Thinking about the Ameo now. I do a lot with my phone, like iGo, Tomtom, map24, e-mail, internet, sms, ... Only thing missing is built-in GPS. Better camera would also be nice, and ofcourse hsdpa. I think it´s a metter of time. Really like the oqo2 also, but it has no phone. Combine the oqo and Ameo, and I´m sold!

In daily life I administrate a NEC SX-8 "super"computer and Linux workstations, do web development (php, mysql, ...) etc.

What I would like to do is do some programming on the HTC Wizard. Never tried any mobile programming, just programming in Algol60, Fortran, C, Pascal, C++, ARM assembler, PHP, Tcl/Tk, ... Any good starting points?

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Guest spookydownunder

Hi all, the name is Steve, from the UK and yes I'm the same as everyone else, been popping on and getting answers for a while, without having to write in myself :) just greedy i guess.

Great site, helped lots.

I am using an unlocked spv C500 on vodafone. Although you've all helped lot's I do keep meaning to search moreor ask questions. For instance Media player is very quiet but ringtones are laud. Makes no sense to me. And where can I get an english rom update to take media player up to ten. And how can i send stuff by bluetooth.

In fact I guess with all these questions I should just ask properly. But if anyone reads this and knows the answers or threads to look at, please feel free to let me know.


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Guest grave77

after reading that nice email, while I can't really make use of cameraware as Dubai wasn't in the database yet also many speed cameras are mobile type and shoots in the back instead of the front.

I installed my car PC ... Pics Here so I wonder if there is something that works on windows XP similar to cameraware.

Good Luck Paul & thumbs up :)

Looking for somewhere to make your first post?

Want to just post something introducing yourself?

This is the place :D


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Guest ziggypop


Hi This is Bill from Australia.

I joined MoDaCo because the world of PDAs was new to me. I own an MDA Compact 2 which as you all know is really a HTC Charmer. This little Windows M5 device has proved very useful to me as I don't have to lug a number of devices with me on business trips. It is probably getting to the end of its useful life in terms of flexibility and I will probably buy something similar in the next year or so but which has a better camera in it and faster access to Word etc. I did buy a bluetooth folding keyboard for it, which makes it much easier to compose long emails to the office. I do that on the plane or lounge or hotel and then press send via the phone account.

I still cannot believe how good the little phone is, and it has proved quite reliable around the world.

Me, I am in aviation (airport construction and design and regulation) and enjoy driving my Jag whilst listening to Mozart. Very relaxing.



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Hi - well, how could I refuse an email that offers a prize for first post! :D

To be honest I joined up to this forum to download some software firstly, so I haven't really had the time or inclination to have a look around - but hey, perhaps I will be tempted to now. I spose I'll have to after I win that prize (winkie winkie).

Like the rest of you people, presumably, I'm into learning and getting the best out of my mobile devices. I own a HTC Universal (Pocket PC, 520 MHz PX272, 640x480 VGA, QWERTY... these devices are also known as MDA Pro, O2, XDA Exec and a few other names depending on who sold it) and an Nokia N73, which is probably the best camera phone released yet, perhaps (only perhaps) bar the sony Erricson K800.

I've been using Windows Mobile 5 (on my Universal) for about 3 years or so, I love it - I enjoy tweaking and "improving" OS to my needs if i can, so I've hacked WM to a great extent on my Universal. I got my N73 about 3 months ago - I'm a Symbian (S60) newbie. Frankly I prefer WM but I've been impressed by S60 so far as far as looks go. Both OS have their strength and weaknesses I guess. Basically I got my N73 because I wanted something that looked cool (check) and fit into my pocket :) ... I don't own a digicam so it also serves as a basic camera for me.

And no, I don't walk around like a twat with both devices hanging off my jeans at the same time. Matter of fact, I hate wearing my phone on the outside of my clothes. My other interests are looking attractive (I'm, erm, metrosexual in look I guess), meeting women (I research how to be an attractive man and how to make people feel good), raising my self-esteem after a massive car accident and the resulting injuries and now, deciding what to do with my life after that. I have a background of Computer Science but I doubt I could work in this field and be happy again. Right now I'm trying to improve my physical health particuarly: tomorrow (Monday for me) is the day I quit smoking ciggarettes... so I'll probably come back here but expect an extremely grumpy person for some weeks.

Well, nice to read others intro's and perhaps I'll see y'all around sometime soon.

Kind Regards,


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Guest ramleeras
This email is being sent to all members with 0 posts...

Well........ I'll Try My Best to see what can I do to post in Modaco.. :)

Anyway Im still have my HP 6365, & seldom use it now...

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Guest nbedford

Well i just read my email, and i cant wait till monday :)

I'm new to the forums, caus i'm new to smart phones, i just got a T-Mobile MDA Vario II (couldn't they think of a longer name? :D )

I'm really enjoying it so far, but haven't used it in anger yet, as i'm just playing until my number get's ported across next week.


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Guest windy miller

Hi all , this is also my first post even though i use this site all the time, got cameraware & mort media player to name but a few,there work great on my XDA mini s. :) will post more now ive done my first one!!!

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Guest secoseco

Hi all

Thank you for your welcome,

this is my first post here because all information that I want I can get it by searching the forum

great forum, great resource, great team

thanks all

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Guest greatgu

:) hello ! I will introduce myself here ! I am a CCIE network engineer in Korean company! I now is living in China ! I like the smart phones and pocket PCs,and here is a good place for me to get what I need !Thanks everybody ever helping me ! I hope you will happy in the new year -Chinses pig year!!!!


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