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The 'my first post' topic [merged]

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest sbaxter

I can't believe have haven't posted on this site before considering I've been a member for (almost to the day) 3 years!!

Always use this site to keep up to date and answer any smartphone queries .... which it obviously has done well as I have not had to post a question!! Keep up the good work guys (& gals?)!

Normally an Orange SPV smartphone user but had last one knicked and am currently using a borrowed Treo. OK & very kind to be lent it but miss the Windows interface. :)(

Would like the SPV M3100 but am currently in argument with Orange about their '... existing customers get same deal ...' offer - I can have this phone but it will cost me over £250!! Maybe should transfer number to PAYG phone with another provider and then move back to Orange again as new customer .... but obviously we wouldn't do such a thing (anyone got any experience of this?)!!

Are there any new phones on the horizon in this sort of phone range? Is it worth me waiting for a while to get a new all singing (ringing?) model? New Apple/LG Prada looks interesting - what is their UI like?

Anyway, first post starting to ramble ... look what you've started ... and I've got a pub to run - Cya!


Steve Baxter


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Guest Varelka

Hello? World (of MoDaCo)? I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Valery (Varelka - pen name). I'm from Belarus, and I joined MoDaCo because I have a Motorola MPX200 smartphone.

I think what you are doing is great. And I hope I'll be able to be useful to this page. Keep doing what you're doing.

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Guest quintessence22

Hello... this is my first post,

Feb 19. is a statutory holiday, Family Day, where I live...

What is a Microsoft MVP?

btw, Happy Chinese New Year!

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Guest speedofheat

Hiya Folks,

Must say the first thing I like about this site is the great theme and the super cool mascot / logo.

Have been a PocketPC / Windows Mobile user for over six years now and really love the OS and the phones. I currently use an imate K-Jam with a cooked rom from the uber-gods over at XDA-Developers (too bad about MS pulling the plug on the roms). I think Modaco is great and provides a wonderful space for mobile afficionados to meet, greet and make merry (at least as much merry as possible thru a computer screen and keybaord).

Anyways, thanks a lot !

Cheers !!!

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Hello Everybody,

I'm Mike and this is my first post.

I joined community, because I use HTC Tornado (Vodafone branded).

What could I say ... There are many things and problems described here on forum, that helps me.

Best regards for everyone,

especially for these people who maintain this forum :)


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Guest Kkchilds

Sup Ya'all jus wanna thank the modaco team for the awesome site i have been able to pimp my phone like crazy with wats been available here i own both mpx200 and mpx220 ..and im from kenya ....

This being my first post i just wanna say great to be a modaco member

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Guest Virgil83

Hi there guys, I'm 24, from Australia, and this is my first post too :)

Currently own an XDA Atom (yes, the original one) and am very much looking to replace it! But we'll see.

Nice to meet you all.

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Guest OneSHOT

Hi All,

I have a QTEK 9100 (HTC Wizard) and was wondering do QTEK post rom upgrades does anybody know seeing as WM6 here? If not does anybody else :-)



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hi to all of you! i am panos from greece!

congratulations to this super-site!!

i am a new user and this is my 2nd post.

i have a Qtec 8310 which is really great but i have a Great Problem..

i have yet to unlock the device so i dont have any freeware any program..

can you suggest me sth to do? i have so many programs in mind but unable to install them..


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Guest ScottHeron

Well i guess here is my first post ;p

i signed up cause this seemed to be the place to find out info on my O2 XDA exec (was trying to turn on A2DP for sterio blue tooth)

Hello to everyone here and keep enjoying your mobile technology!

Scott :)

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Guest jslater

Hello everybody. I've been a lurker in Modaco for some time but am making my first post to introduce myself.

I own a IPAQ 4350 (the one with the keyboard) and used to own a JASJAR but I sold it recently because it was just too slow ... the older 4350 is twice as fast and does everything I need.

I would love to be able to update the firmward on my 4350 but I don't think it's possible. Development wise I've written a few simple apps on the PDA and some for my mobile phone using MIDP Java.


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Hi everyone

I currently use MoDaCo to find solutions to the many problems I have with my M3100

Great Site! I'll try and post regarding specific problems / possible solutions soon

Kind regards

Mike Warren (retox)

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Looking for somewhere to make your first post?

Want to just post something introducing yourself?

This is the place :)


Hi Paul,

I really feel ashamed that this is my first post, although I've been a regular, I can say.

I have 2 i-mate devices SP5 and JasJam and your site really helped me a lot mastering those 2 pieces. I only wish, I had more time o invest in your site. Wait... I must have time to invest in it, orelse I'd be really ungrateful, which I know I'm not!! ;-)

Wish everybody a vey happy and successful year!!


and if there's anything I can help with using the above devices, don't hesitate even e-mailing me at [email protected]

Thanks again!

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Guest Windrider

Hello World,

My name is Mikael and I am a new poster ;-) (is this the AA? :-)

I have been a member a couple of years but haven't written any post.

I work at a large telecom company in Sweden with focus on cellphones and syncronizations. Both Windows Mobile terminals and Symbian terminals.

We use Qtek/HTC and Nokia/Sony Ericsson. Services we use and test are both OneBridge and Activesync, both via UMTS/3G/WLAN. No cables :-)

I love reading both Modacos news and forum which is very good in my work.



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