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Paul's TyTN II / MDA Vario III Tweak Pack (0.2)

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Guest Shuflie
Thanks Paul. This is the animation that appears when you FIRST turn the phone on, right?

What about the Menu ANimations? what are these?

No, its when you first run a particular app, as its window opens you get the animation. You do get a few apps starting up when you first turn the phone on so that may be what you're thinking of. If you use the task manager to close an app properly then you get the animation in reverse. Didn't like the effect myself so I turned it off again.

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Guest little_rock

Grrrr - what is up here - can anyone help or offer an opinion?

The debrand treak works fine!

I've done a hard reset -re run the debrand but when I run the tweaks cab it just shows the install bar saying that the install was unsuccessful.

anyone got any ideas?


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Does the Hermes tweak, MoDaCo Card Cache, work on the Kaiser?


And how about the cab file that disables the "Message Sent" notification sound?


I would find both these features useful on my Vario III but don't want to mess up my device - has anyone tried them, or know if they will work?

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Guest selezovic
Thanks, quite obvious when you think about it. I feel so stupid now.. :D


Hey guys, I am using the German Version of Windows Mobile, cause I live in Germany.

I really hate it that this GPRS just turns on for no reason.

Once I saw, I was 24 hours online.

I didn't do anything. So do I pay for the amount of time I was online. or for the transfer ?

Another question, how do you turn the GPRS off ?

What is that notifications thingie ?

Can you please tell me more about it, since I use this German Version and I don't understand anything.

Thanks in advance

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Guest dickr


Do you know if your tweaks will work with the AT&T Tilt version of the Kaiser? Or would it be smarter to get the individual tweaks from the Wiki (link previously provided, thanks) and do them one at a time?



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