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Paul's MDA Vario III de-Brand (0.3)

Guest PaulOBrien

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Mandt you have just earned yourself 2 pints of Calsberg dude :thumbs:

PS Can I do all this on my Mac? On my N95 I would hook the phone up as "data transfer" and then drag and drop files from my computer to the phone and then open up the files in the phone to download em ;)

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Not sure, there's a peice of software called the missing sync that I've heard of, but being a virus-ridden PC owner ;) I've no experience of it

It's probably easier to email them to your phone

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Yeah. Its called Markspace. I'm gonna get that when I get my phone back from T-Mobile (they sent me a scratched phone!!!).

In the mean time, I'll just email the Zip file over.

Thanks again Mandt ;)

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Rather than start a new thread I saw no point so here are a few more versions (not affiliated with paul, used his idea and elaborated on it)

T-Mobile MDA Vario III de-Brand v1



In regards to the WnW icon in the buttons menu it is now the internet explorer icon and the link goes to iexplore.exe.


If you want to download them then by all means click on the links below

Blue Buttons/Icons

Green Buttons/Icons

Orange Buttons/Icons

Pink Buttons/Icons

Red Buttons/Icons

Yellow Buttons/Icons

I hope you enjoy them and they will work for all models but the T-Mobile one is what i have so I named them as such. Any problems just shout.


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Ok........Idiot :D

Firstly let me reassure you that you won't mess up your phone, all you're doing is overwriting a pink image with a blue image

Tools you need:

Resco Explorer or Total Commander

you can either unzip the file on your desktop, or send the zip to the phone and unzip it on the phone using the built in zip utility (found in the Start menu), this will probably depend on how you want to send the files. If you email them then leave them zipped and unzip them on the phone. If you connect the phone to your PC using ActiveSync ( or WMDC if you have Vista) then unzip the file on the desktop and copy the individual files over

Either way get the images into a folder in, for example, My Documents

Now using Resco Explorer or Total Commander (that you already installed :wub:) browse to the files and copy them into \Windows, as I said in my post above you will probably get a warning saying they are system files, are you sure blah blah. To which of course you say yes because they are just pictures!!!

now go to Start>Settings>Today>Items and remove the HTC Home plugin, reload it again and it should be all blue ;) If not then a soft reset will sort it

Mine's a Carlsberg :D

Mandt, I carried out your method. Downloaded the file onto My Documents. Then using Missing Sync (for Macs) I copied the file into Windows folder... and it didnt ask me if I wanted to Overwrite or nothing.

So, obviously Ive gone wrong somewhere.

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Sorry Paul. I forgot to ask you this... seeing as you too are an Apple user, how do you install this file using a Mac? I have Missing Sync installed now, so can gain access to all the folders once I Mount the VIII onto the desktop.

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On the start menu? It always will be, that's a special icon to go to the T-Mobile page.

Just go into Settings->Menus and uncheck that, replacing it with regular IE?


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I don't know if this should be part of the de-brand or not, but after a hard-reset, the Beam setting is ticked "always receive incoming beams" in the Connections menu.

We always disabled this in our WM5 devices as it messed with the particular bluetooth GPS aerials we used, but since the Vario III doesn't even have IR, why is this option still present? And what is the difference between ticking and unticking it? And if unticked is better, should this be part of the de-brand?

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