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MoDaCo Shadow XT9 Language Pack (14 in 1!)

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest jorreke

I have a problem with the cab file. It does install fine on my phone but nothing changes. I went to the input in preferences and tried to change the language but the extra languages did not appear in the list

any thoughts on what went wrong or what i did wrong

I'm a noob in this area :)


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Guest jorreke

I did install the cab file on my phone it all went well but no additional languages appeared in my input preference window

any idea what i did wrong


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Hi! I really appreciate Paul's good intentions.

Unfortunately, on my Toshiba G500 (WM 5) only numbers are typed in all languages. I tried to install the cab on WM 6.1 as well, but then I still have the original WM6.1 T9 and no additional languages appesr in the #-menu.

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Guest memosan
I'm proud to present my Shadow XT9 language pack, which includes 14 languages, namely...

- Czech

- Danish

- German

- English

- Spanish

- Finnish

- French

- Italian

- Dutch

- Norwegian

- Polish

- Portugese

- Russian

- Swedish


I have tested it as far as possible, but feedback is appreciated. Please note that if you select an AZERTY language (e.g. French), your suretype keyboard will behave like an AZERTY keyboard. It caught me out at first :D




Many users are trying to install this but are having difficulties. Can you put instructions on the steps to do this.

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