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Look!My diamond can show weekday :)

Guest HolyFox

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How do you replace the file, can't edit, delete or paste over it?

i am trying to replace the 590ad244_manila with the uploaded file here (not the cab, i would like the day to be displayed before at the beginning) using activesync but i am getting an 'access denied' message, how do i get around this?


I've just been playing with an App called ACDZip that lets you edit and add to .cab files. There's a free 25 day trial on the net.

I'll put up the cab if it works. I'm aiming for Mon 14 Jul, 2008

Is there a way to add th or st for 14th of 1st?

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after applying some of these tweaks (which all worked fine) the 3G symbol (or in fact whichever band it is that i'm using) in the taskbar has changed to a discoloured grey colour - i am not sure if this is linked with the tweaks...

is anybody else experiencing this??

ps i have also noticed that sometimes it appears 'normal' but most of the time it is a grey colour, don't know if this helps...

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I'd like to do that too, doesn't seem possible tho!


Well if some people have not found it yet. Here it is on my TD Vodafone - using manila.cab.

Go to the second to last function "settings" on the below function bar. Before programs. Here you can change the background.

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And that changes it for every page?

Slightly back on topic, my Diamond's not showing the day anymore. I might do a hard reset to see if the cab still works.

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i tried the weekend.cab but since then, i have only this view:

.08.08 Thursday

where is the weekday?: 14.08.08?

how can i undo this changes? please help me.


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