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Grab a Celio REDFLY for $199 until the end of October

Guest PaulOBrien

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The beta driver (RFP6_1.3.29.3060.cab) works well with the i780 with real VGA enabled (big fonts in default mode - but that could be useful if your sight isn't so good). Quite responsive too, I guess the 624MHz CPU helps. A bit of annoying lag in the SMS, but strangely not when typing in email or other apps. Windows Default blue theme works fine - apart from the usual issue with the bottom menu bars. Diamond not so good, even without all the Manilla crap, it kept locking up. Best policy is to avoid anything using custom graphics and skins (but I hate all that anyway). Let's hope they get a move on with the VGA drivers.

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Guest Balifly33
Seems to work OK with the Omnia, flashed Beta firmware too to the Redfly. Bit of graphical corruption up top?


Dont Suppose you could post a pic of the omnia and redfly so i can see what OK is ;) . I'm so close to buying one of these but after the price of the Omnia I am not willing to chance having to wait several months for a working driver.

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Guest Markda2000

Missed the courier delivering mine yesterday.

Had to pick it up from the depot this morning.

First impressions are really good.

Superb buidl quality except for the power connector being loose.

works with most programs on the Stella, except for games and Opera 9.5. I am using the Redfly to type this post.

TomTom looks great as does Documents To Go.

I have compromised and am using Netfront 3.5 when connected to the Redfly, and Opera without.

My wireless mouse works great too.

One downside is my unit does not work on battery power and will have to return it for a replacemnt on Monday.

Apart from that very impressed and hopefully I can find a workaround for Opera 9.5

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Guest Rolfsted

Hello all from the States! Illinois to be exact.

I just ordered a RedFly and they even called me to ask if I needed any questions answered before it got here.

I am really excited to get in my hands. I have a laptop and a PC and I think that it will be a great travel item.

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